Infinix Sponsors Free Fire League in Latin America to Support Mobile eSports


Sponsorships to keep the future of eSports alive continue
Mobile games making it clear that it has great potential, on the other hand the Free Fire League is one of the most consumed products by its fans.

Creating opportunities for a new future

Infinite, the brand from China announced today that it adds as a sponsor of the FFL, being a company with almost 10 years in the mobile device market and that has little to have entered our continent, it is now betting on the
Development of the professional field for future generations and stars of Gaming Mobile.

We know that the Free Fire League is the stage for the 18 teams that compete within it and that they seek to be crowned as the best in the region to participate in international competitions, as part of this alliance, very soon consumers can enjoy a better
Game experience with the launch of the new Hot series (Free Fire version), whose infinite launch plans to do in the coming months.
A great opportunity for all players who are currently participating in the tournament and for those who have the goal of competing at these levels because this type of agreements helps the ecosystem both in visibility and increasing the future competitions awards, remember that the final of the Opening Tournament will be held in Chile so that South fans can also enjoy a face-to-face event.

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