Every NBA 2K Cover Star in History – From Allen Iverson to Devin Booker

The game advertises the gamer, while the player on the cover aids offers copies to the gamers followers. NBA 2K has actually had its fair share of cover celebrities, with both current fan faves and NBA tales gaining the cherished cover area.

From cult standards like NBA Jam and NBA Road, to simulation-style franchises like NBA Live. Emerging from NBA Lives darkness, 2K rose to fame via its even more realistic gameplay, Career setting, and also popularity and recommendation from real NBA players.

Cover Stars of the 2000s

NBA 2K kicked off the franchise business prior to the 1999-2000 NBA season. Dropping its affiliation with ESPN, NBA legend Shaquille Oneal was chosen to star on the covers of both NBA 2K6 and 2K7.

After an appealing first 2 years in the NBA, New Orleans Hornets point player Chris Paul was selected for the cover of NBA 2K8. At the time, it was a wager on a reasonably unverified player, however Paul took place to end up being one of the finest gamers in NBA history. 2K went back to the tested course the list below year with Kevin Garrett, who led the Boston Celtics to their initial championship in over three decades in 2008.

Cover Stars of the 2010s

NBA 2K12 utilized a new method, with a triad of NBA Hall of Famers all appearing on the cover with each other. As the very first game in the collection to introduce historic variations of teams, it picked Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, as well as Jordan to be featured together. 2K13 did something similar, with modern All-Stars Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, as well as Blake Griffin on the cover.

The franchise business made a decision as soon as again to include multiple celebrities on the cover of NBA 2K15. Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors, James Harden of the Houston Firecrackers, and Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans all where cover stars that year.

After winning back-to-back NBA Championships with the Miami Warmth, 2K went back to a single-player cover with LeBron James featured. NBA 2K14 did the same with Oklahoma City Rumbling celebrity Kevin Durant making the honors after winning his initial MVP award the previous season.


As one of the most popular gamers in the last decade, Los Angeles Lakers capturing guard Kobe Bryant made all excessive feeling for the cover of NBA 2K10 as the franchise business opened its 2nd decade. 2K followed with Michael Jordan on the cover the next year, additionally including a special Jordan Obstacle mode in the tales honor, allowing players to play via one of the most renowned minutes of MJ’s career.

Cover Stars of the 2020s

The franchise once more went with multiple cover stars the list below year with Portland Trail Blazers point player Damian Lillard as well as New Orleans Pelicans young professional Zion Williamson. When the game debuted, the two gamers were at contrary ends of their careers. Lillard was an established All-Star on the rear end of his occupation, while Williamson was the youngest player to ever show up on the cover of a 2K game, at just twenty years old.

NBA 2K started the most current years with Anthony Davis as soon as again on the cover, but this time around on his very own and also as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. After COVID-19 stopped briefly the 2019-2020 NBA period, Davis, LeBron James, et cetera of the Lakers went on to win the champion in the Orlando NBA bubble.

NBA 2K22 went with one more young star the following year with Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Dončić. Dončić had been a specialist basketball player in Europe because he was 16, then came over to the NBA at 19 and instantly established himself as one of the most effective scorers as well as passers in the game.

Scandal Sheet Covers

Dropping its association with ESPN, NBA legend Shaquille Oneal was chosen to star on the covers of both NBA 2K6 and also 2K7.

The following year, Los Angeles Lakers Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant was included on a special Legend Edition after his retired life in the 2015-2016 NBA period. NBA 2K18 again had a Tale Edition with Shaquille Oneal returning to the cover for the initial time considering that 2006.

After an appealing initial 2 years in the NBA, New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul was selected for the cover of NBA 2K8. NBA 2K12 utilized a brand-new approach, with a triad of NBA Hall of Famers all showing up on the cover with each other.

In honor of its 20th year as a franchise business, NBA 2K19 had actually an aptly titled 20th Wedding anniversary Version with LeBron James as soon as again on the cover. Aussie Ben Simmons was likewise included on the covers in both Australia and New Zealand. The following year saw the return of the Tale Version, with Miami Warm superstar Dwayne Wade on the cover.

After Kobe Bryant’s awful fatality in a helicopter crash, NBA 2K21 had just a single scandal sheet. The Mamba Forever Edition was titled after Bryant’s popular nickname, the Black Mamba. It featured Bryant on the cover and recognized the star gamers’ life as well as heritage.

NBA 2K likewise had a host of scandal sheet covers starting in 2015 as well as proceeding through the newest entries. With NBA 2K16, there was a unique Michael Jordan Edition with the titular professional athlete on the cover. This year likewise presented local covers, with Spanish siblings Marc and Pay Ga sol recognized in Spain, Dennis Schröder in his indigenous Germany, and French NBA tale Tony Parker on Frances version.

From cult classics like NBA Jam and also NBA Street, to simulation-style franchise business like NBA Live. NBA 2K has had its fair share of cover celebrities, with both current follower faves and NBA legends gaining the cherished cover place.

In 2021, Candace Parker became the very first lady to show up on the cover of a 2K video game with the special WNBA 25th Wedding anniversary Version. That year also spotlighted NBA legends Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki, and also Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the special NBA 75th Anniversary Version, along with the most current regional cover including Run Chimera in Japan.

The most recent entrance in the 2K franchise once again included Michael Jordan on both the Jordan Edition and Championship Edition, while the combo of WNBA legends Diana Taurus and also Sue Bird enhanced the cover of the WNBA Edition.

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