New Posters for the Upcoming Super Mario Movie Revealed – Featuring the Prominent Characters

Since the Super Mario movie was officially announced a couple of months ago, many commercials have come out to reaffirm that its premiere is much closer to what we expect.

In fact, yesterday a new trailer was revealed that reminds the times of glory of the animated show that was destined for children’s audiences.
However, this does not stop there, since new posters were revealed today, in which we see very dear characters of the saga.
This with a detail that shows us the commitment of Illumination Studios for making a good representation of the franchise in cinemas around the world.
The characters in question are Bowler, Donkey Kong and Toad.


All with a noticeable participation in the film, because we have already seen how Mario has been fighting with his legendary rival of the jungle.
Just as we have seen the king of the Korea interact with Luigi, and of course, Toad will be the first character that the protagonist knows after traveling in the pipes.
Remember that this film opens on April 6 in cinemas.
Via: Comic book
Editor’s note: Without a doubt the eager to see this tape have risen to the clouds, with the expectations that it will become one of the best video game adaptations tapes.
We will see in April if you meet expectations.

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