Ltd. – Official Service Begins February 14th!

Mobile Fantasy MMORPG and Gum gang W of FLU Games Co., Ltd. (CEO Oh Young-pa) entered the official service on the 14th.
Gum gang W has a world where fantasy breathes in the game under the slogan of Double Class MMORPG.

Gum gang W proved its expectations based on its solid gameplay during the CBT, and started pre-booking in January, raising the expectation of users with core quality such as open world customization graphics, and through this core base, global market
In Taiwan, it has achieved a lot of achievements to achieve the second place in the app store sales.

Gum gang W can be used for single or party play according to six classes (jobs), and adds special Korean server limited Chun-hyang, Jean Woo-chi, and Shimcheong character in line with Korea’s launch, and can customize all characters including that character.
In the game, it is possible to decorate with detailed and detailed graphics, so it can increase the immersion of the game according to your own style and taste.

In addition, there is a PVP content that can be seen as a flower of mobile MMORPG, and the Gum gang W has a variety of GVG and PVP duel content such as 1VS1 and 15VS15, so you can enjoy it faster and more comfortably.
You can also find open communication and housing systems to make precious relationships.

Gum gang W has been able to enjoy it through the Google Play Store, App Store, One Store, and Galaxy Store from today.


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