Enter the Battlefield of the Dark Arts with Hogwarts Legacy: A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Spellbinding Combat and Defeating Your Enemies

Hogwarts Legacy becomes very creative in their fighting, taking advantage of a wide variety of different spells that will help you disarm, disable or even kill your enemies.


You can test those skills with Dark Arts Battle Arena against waves of opponents, although you will first have to unlock it.
Here is how to get there at the Dark Arts Battle Arena at Hogwarts Legacy.

Unlock the battlefield of dark arts in Hogwarts Legacy

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The Dark Arts Battle Arena can only be unlocked for players who have reserved Hogwarts Legacy or have the Deluxe or Collectors editions of the game.
You can also buy separately later like Dark Arts Pack if you only have the base game.
Hogwarts Legacy contains several regular sands for those who do not have the package, but Dark Arts Battle Arena will allow players to use the four unforgivable curses along with the other regular spells against waves of different enemies.

Where is The Dark Arts Battle Arena at Hogwarts Legacy?

The Dark Arts Battle Arena can be located in the forbidden forest, west of Hogsmeade.
The icon, which is shown above, will appear on its map if you have the dark arts package.
It is represented as a sanctuary that is initially surrounded by enemies.
Once sent, you will have to break 10 vases before it opens.

The vases are in the immediate vicinity of the sanctuary, and launch Revelry will highlight them more easily.
That is how to get there at the Dark Arts Battle Arena at Hogwarts Legacy.
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