RPG Honkai: Star Rail Launches – Last Closed Beta Test Ends February 10 | April 26 Launch on PC, Android & iOS

Today February 10, Honkies Star Rail offers completion of its last phase of closed beta test, pending a launch scheduled for both PC (particularly through Epic Games Store) and on Android and iOS mobile platforms-.
Interacted, the Hoovers studio defines that the launch date will be officially revealed soon, but Lapp store pointed out an outing set for April 26 before the mention is clearly erased.
And while waiting for the launch of its RPG Area Dream, Hoovers releases the worldwide pre-registration of Honkies: Star Rail: quite conventionally, the impatient scan for that reason be sin script on the official website and the more registrations will be, the more the gamers will receive benefits at the exit.
Of the game. Notice to novices who want to facilitate their initial steps at stake when the time comes.
For the record, Honkies Star Rail immerses players in a gigantic universe mixing dream and science fiction.
Players will have the occupation of exploring this universe, particularly in Astral Express (an area train), both to unravel its mysteries and prevent the development of the galaxy.
At the impulse of their journey, players can notably unlock characters with various capabilities.


Amongst these characters, we find in particular the young and playful bail, with strong care capacities and which is revealed in a brand-new trailer.
Honkies’s Suffering Heat.

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