Removing Features from the Hogwarts Heritage: Collect Equipment to Become the Most Powerful Wizard or Witch

The Hogwarts Heritage is full of equipment that you can collect to become the most powerful witch or wizard.
All equipment is divided into five levels, but only excellent, extraordinary and legendary objects can be improved on a fascinated weaving machine and equipped with features.
The features can add many unique buffs that can give additional damage to certain spells, increase the rate of replenishment of ancient magic or increase the damage to certain spells.
You can also collect rare equipment with an already installed feature.
Therefore, the question arises-is it possible to remove the line from equipment?
Read on to find out how you can purchase, equip and remove the features from the equipment in the Hogwarts Heritage.

Is it possible to remove the features from the equipment in the Hogwarts Heritage?

The features cannot be removed from equipment after its use, but they can be replaced.
The features are purchased not as objects, but as detected recipes that you can then make on your enchanted weaving machine in the room of requirements using the resources that you collect from animals.
As mentioned earlier, sometimes you can get part of the excellent, extraordinary or legendary equipment with an already established feature.

This pre-equipped line may even be a feature that you have not yet discovered.
However, in this case, you can replace this feature only with another feature that you have already discovered.
Keep in mind that after you apply the line, it cannot be removed.
However, if you have already opened this line, you can use the necessary resources of the beast to create it again.

How to get and use features in Hogwarts Legacy

The features can be obtained by fulfilling certain battle with the exploits included in the problems of the menu.
However, as described in the game, the best way to purchase features is to clear the camps of the bandits that you will find around the card.
Gangster camps are not displayed on the map by default, but they will be displayed with an exclusive logo as soon as you find it.


These camps have chests with collections from which one feature is guaranteed to fall every time you open it.
After you have acquired the recipe, you can create it on the weaving machine of the spell in the requirements room and apply it to any excellent, extraordinary or legendary equipment.
Signs are also divided into three tiers, with third-level features, providing the largest buffs or rebuffs.
Below are the requirements for the creation of each level of features in Hogwarts Legacy:
Level I: 1 down fur
Level II: Curricular Feather
Level III: Kill fur
Looking for more resources of the beast to create features?
Find out where to get a conductor and feathers of the conductor in Hogwarts’s Heritage, right here in the game guidelines for professionals.

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