The Essential Journalist Handbook for Surviving in the Era of Artificial Intelligence


After the unveiled interactive AI in the development area, the AI, which has excellent business strategy, has been receiving great attention from the world.
If the Great Mind Alpha and Lee Medal’s 9th Dan, if they watched the possibility of AI, the conversation with the chat GPT made the AI’s a bit of the future.

Along with this interest, the following articles have been poured into the online area.

I asked the chat GPT ‘OOO’
I asked ‘OOO’ to the chat GPT

Similar content is pouring out, so now you can think of the plot even if you don’t see a new article.
It can be seen to some extent that this is not possible, but it is not possible to draw something productive in this act.

For the public, the service can be used by joining Google and MS IDs for the experience of informing the function of the chat GPT.
In comparison with changes in technology, the interactive AI was not found in the past.
Someone says that he just asked for the trend.

The big frame is similar.
Ask something about the chat GPT.
What is the North Korean nuclear issue, and what is the prospect of a famous soccer player?
These are just an article that covers the news site.
But on the contrary, there is a more eye-catching article in this obvious framework.

The key is not what you ask for the chat GPT, but what you ask for ‘what’ to the chat GPT.

Finding the so-called reading questions.
That makes the article shine in similar titles and obvious content.
It is only a secondary thing for AI to write the result of the answer.
It is clear that the in-depth neural network is easier and more efficient than the professional areas of what is creative artificial intelligence.

How to use it, not the text shown by the chat GPT.
It’s only about the time, but if you can get deeper into our daily lives and replace columns, reviews, and experiences, it may be the only people who are fluent in this usage.

The game is similar.
In fact, AI is not a strange field.
AI is used in many areas, including one enemy who plays on behalf of the player, as well as cheating, analysis of player’s usage pattern, and real-time multilingual translation in online games.
With the development of TTS technology that converts text to voice, heterogeneous live broadcasting is also possible.

And now AI is trying to move beyond the stage of helping game services to the area of development.
Before the chat GPT, Google reported the development of technology by publishing various papers related to deep learning.
However, those who did not actually encounter this determined that only mechanical acts would be possible.
Arithmetic calculations and replacement of repetitive behavior were AI in the estimated category.

However, the generated AI accepts the natural language used by humans and writes a poem by weaving a film script or rhyme to meet the subjects they want.
Complex development language coding is also possible, and images that match the desired atmosphere are moisturized for dozens and hundreds of minutes.

Already, Japan’s major Dong-in game sites have noticed that they will specify the game in which the AI creation image is used.
Adult casual developers, who are important to the painting, are already using the AI’s images to play the game on Steam.
The chat GPT has been added to the MS search engine ice and a journal, and Google’s LAMBDA, which is superior to performance, will also be released to the public in order, and these changes will accelerate if they dig deeper into their daily lives.

Now, AI is being introduced in the field that humans will not be replaced.
Perhaps it will change to AI to ask a great question to derive good results like a reporter who has been looking for a good OOO with a lot of development.

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