Maximizing Your Damage Output Through Equipment Slots in Hogwartss Heritage

One of the main ways to make sure that your character can apply and receive more damage in the Hogwarts Heritage is vigilantly looking for the best equipment.
You will find many items around the vast world.
Unfortunately, you will not be able to store many objects of equipment in your inventory.
You can increase the number of equipment slots that you have by performing Merlin tests, but even in this case you will probably fill your inventory, and you will not have a place to choose more.
Fortunately, you can sell all your unnecessary equipment for additional galleons.
This is how to do this in the Hogwarts Heritage.

Where can you sell unnecessary equipment in the Hogwarts Heritage?

You can sell unnecessary equipment to any store or supplier in the world of Hogwarts’s heritage.
Usually the store opens for their own menu.
To switch to sell the menu, press the key indicated in the upper part of the store menu to switch from the coin icon to the chest icon.
Once here, you can use the cursor to highlight any equipment item that you no longer need, and then follow the instructions on the screen to sell equipment.
After you have unlocked the requirements room, a description table will be available to you.
This will lead to the fact that some parts of the equipment will not be identified when you find them, and you will need to take them to your table to see their statistics.


We recommend that you always take equipment for identification before selling it.

You never know whether it can be better than what you have now.
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