Transformers: Reactivate: Leaked pictures show version from 2018.

The world of Transformers has been taken over by the Video Game Awards this year, with various announcements made and multiple video games revealed! One of these is a new version of the action game Transformers: Reactivity – and now, leaked pictures from 2018 have emerged, giving us an exclusive look at what’s to come. Read on to find out more!

The various announcements at the Video game Awards this year also consisted of a brand-new video game from the Transformers franchise.
Transformers: Reactivate is an online action game by the designer Splash Damage for consoles and PC.

4 screenshots have now been leaked to the game.


They show images from a version of 2018, are now 4 years old.
Three of the images are made unrecognizable and therefore do disappoint much.
Nevertheless, one reveals a gallery with possible playable characters that are divided into defensive and offensive.
A development display can likewise be seen in the figure of Star scream.
Possible that you can free abilities or just cosmetic objects.
For the next year, a beta is prepared for Transformers: Reactive, which will then demonstrate how the video game has actually developed in time.

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