Multiplayer Delivered In The Horizon Zero Dawn

For months, he had been rumored that a multiplayer inspired by Horizon Zero Dawn was on planning, rumor that was given to the already confirmed DLC for Forbidden West.

And now, a new track indicates that this game online is a fact, since Guerrillas Games is looking for employees to work on such unexpected project.
This is what describes the position on Twitter:

A new internal team is developing a separate online project set in the Horizon Universe.
With a new cast of characters and a unique stylized appearance, friends can explore together the majestic wild nature of Horizon.


Join guerrillas in Amsterdam while we work to expand the world of Horizon.

It’s an exciting moment to join us!
We have many vacancies in multiple departments, so check out on our racing page and postulate today!
Work lists for the new game include characters, missions and fighting designers, as well as stylized world artists and animators.
Meanwhile, references to a new art direction could insinuate a different set of visuals to adapt to what is created.
Everything indicates that it will be totally an online experience.
We may know more once the Forbidden West DLC in 2023 is launched.
Via: Kodak
Editor’s note: It seems that Sony wants to make multiplayer for its most important franchises, so seeing some God of War in the future would not surprise.
And it is already working on something of The Last of Us.

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