Avatar 3 Could Have A Length Of Many Hours.

Officially Avatar has been released: The Water Road, a film that has made fans delighted, since it feels like an organic experience with which criticism has coincided positively.
And while it does not have been released on billboards for a week, many are already thinking about the future that comes the planet Pandora franchise.
As many know, it has been established that the saga will consist of seven films in total, something that was said years ago by the director, James Cameron.
And recently through the Hot Mic podcast, there was a report that speaks of the creator of the franchise, mentioning that he arrived with a duration of the third film and would be nine hours.
It is worth mentioning that in recent interviews it has been mentioned that much of the footage of the third installment has already been filmed, since it is a film that is happening at the same time as the newly released.
So then, we would be seeing the point of view of other characters, that can indicate that Jake Sully’s family will go to the background.


This mention in the podcast:

James Cameron delivered an Avatar 3 cut last week, one that lasted nine hours.
Cameron is insisting on doing the visual effects work for this cut.
Which means that the nine hours would be completely VFX and then reduce it from there.
Remember that Avatar 2 is now available in cinemas.
Via: Hot Mic
Editor’s note: Obviously that eternity of hours will not last, but all the engraved footage is enough, so at least 3 and a half hours could establish.
I haven’t seen the 2 yet, and I want to see the 3.

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