The New Xbox Store: These Games Have Arrived Today.

The new calendar week will offer you many games once again.
So that you do not lose the overview, you get a summary of all brand-new publications for Xbox at this point.
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Xbox brand-new publications-December 2022

-EUR 23.99
Tetraminos-EUR 9.99
Mahjong-EUR 9.99
Brick Breaker-EUR 9.99
Cassiodora-EUR 16.99
Beholder 3-19.99 EUR
Grime-EUR 24.99

  • Alfalfa Neo EUR 14.99

19.99 EUR
59.99 EUR
Criminal Offense Secrets: Crimson Lily-EUR 14.99
Mysterious Criminal Activities Bundle-EUR 35.99
Aery-Path of Corruption-EUR 9.99
4.99 EUR
Heroish-EUR 19.99
Vampire Survivors: Tradition of the Moon spell for EUR 1.99
Building simulator-Kramer Pack-EUR 6.99
New pre-order:
Persona 3 Portable & Personality 4 Golden Package-EUR 38.99
Persona 4 golden-EUR 19.99
Personality 3 Portable-EUR 19.99

Xbox Publications-December 2022

List open and close
Accident-14.99 euros
Afterlitch-14.99 euros
Bot garden– 12.74 euros
Broken lines-19.99 euros
Box Align X-1.99 euros
Chained Echoes-24.99 euros-XGP
Crisis Core-final Fantasy VII-reunion-59.99 euros
Crisis Core-final Fantasy VII-Reunion Digital Deluxe Edition-79.99 euros
Dads Beast House-5.39 euros
Divine Knockout (DO)- creator edition-24.99 euros
Divine Knockout (DO)- Ultimate Edition-49.99 euros
Hobos Heroes-6.39 euros
Employed- Fight of Tunisia: Desert Warriors Bundle-39.99 euros
Gotten- Battle for Moscow: High Caliber Bundle-59.99 euros
Firefighting Simulator-The Squad-29.99 euros
Gris-16.99 euros
Hello Neighbor 2 Deluxe Edition-59.99 euros
Hello Next-door Neighbor 2 Standard Edition-39.99 euros (XGP).
High on Life-59.99 euros (XGP).
Hindsight-14.99 euros.
Jitsi Squad-29.99 euros.
Jurassic World: Evolution 2: A new age bundle-79.99- Euro.
Light Fairy tale Beginning Package– 14.39 euros.
Monster Energy Super cross 6-pre-order-69.99 euros.
Marvels Midnight Sun Digital+ Edition-79.99 euros.
Marvels Midnight Suns Enhanced Edition-74.99 euros.
Marvels Midnight Sun Legendary Edition-99.99 euros.
Marvels Midnight Sun Requirement Edition-69.99 euros.
Much Armada– 15.99 euros.
Metal: Hell singer (Xbox One) -29.99 euros-(SGP).
Minecraft: Deluxe Collection-29.99 euros.
Need for Speed Unbound Basic Edition-79.99 euros.
Break out: The New Nightmare Conclusive Collection-19.99 euros.
-19.99 euros.
-49.99 euros.
Petite Experience– 3.99 euros.
PSO2: NGS-Crimson Lotus Stir/Type 1 Edition-19.99 euros.
PSO2: NGS-Crimson Lotus Stir/Type 2 Edition-19.99 euros.
Puzzle by Nikolai W Nurikabe-4.99 euros.
River City Girls 2-39.99 euros.
Root-4.99 euros.
13.99 euros
She Wants Me Dead-9.99 euros.
Snowrunner-2-Year Anniversary Edition-79.99 euros.
Snowrunner-3-year Anniversary Edition-99.99 euros.
Swordship-19.99 euros.
Horror of Thesaurus– 11.99 euros.
The Callisto Protocol for Xbox One-Day One Edition-59.99 euros.
The Callisto Protocol for Xbox One-Digital Deluxe Edition-79.99 euros.
The Callisto Protocol for Xbox Series X | S-Day One Edition-69.99 euros.
The Callisto Protocol for Xbox Series X | S-Digital Deluxe Edition-89.99 euros.
The Rumble Fish 2-29.99 euros.
Togges-19.99 euros.
49.99 euros
United Assault-Battle of the Bulge-EUR 14.99.
Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moon spell Purchase for 1.99 euros.
Where Long: Fall Dynasty-69.99 euros (XGP).
Where Long: Fall Dynasty Digital Deluxe Edition-94.99 euros.
Supervise Christmas-EUR 16.99.
Wavetale-29.99 euros.
World of tanks: Modern Armor-combined power-free of charge.
World of Warships: Legends-Gold Evidence-99.99 euros.
World of Warships: Legends-combined forces-free of charge.

Xbox Store-Pre-order.

List close and open.

  • TRANSITORY– 14.99 Euro.
  • Skull and Bones– 79.99 Euro.
  • Skull and Bones Premium Edition– 109.99 Euro.
  • SpongeBob Schwarzkopf: The Cosmic Shake– 39.99 Euro.
  • To Long: Fallen Dynasty– 69.99 Euro (XGP).
  • To Long: Fallen Dynasty Digital Deluxe Edition– 94.99 Euro.
  • Desired: Dead.
  • Wally and the FANTASTIC PREDATORS– 14.99 Euro.
  • WILD HEARTS– Standard Edition– 79.99 Euro.
  • WILD HEARTS– Karakul Edition– 99.99 Euro.
  • Warhammer 40.000: Dark tide– 39.99 Euro (XGP).
  • Warhammer 40.000: Dark tide– Imperial Edition– 59.99 Euro.
  • Details EU den Versioned.

Daze empfehlen WIR such, pass away aktuellen Deals with Gold-Sonderangebote I’m Age EU beaten, pass away Xbox Game Pass-Spiele auszuprobieren UND pass away kostenlosen Games with Old-timey abzugreifen. Water laden WIR such Heimlich daze an, BEI den Gewinnspielen mitzumachen.

  • 8-Ball Pocket– 5.99 Euro.
  • Atomic Heart– 69.99 Euro (XGP).
  • Atomic Heart– Gold Edition (Pre-order)– 99.99 Euro.
  • Atomic Heart– Premium Edition– 109.99 Euro.
  • Blood Bowl 3– Requirement Edition– 39.99 Euro.
  • Blood Bowl 3– Black Orcs Edition– 49.99 Euro.
  • Blood Bowl 3– Imperial Nobility Edition– 49.99 Euro.


  • Blood Bowl 3– Harsh Edition– 59.99 Euro.
  • Bumblebee– Little Bee Experience– 9.99 Euro.
  • Diablo IV– Standard Edition– 79.99 Euro.
  • Diablo IV– Digital Deluxe Edition– 99.99 Euro.
  • Diablo IV– Ultimate Edition– 109.99 Euro.
  • Dead Area 79.99 Euro (Amazon).
  • Dead Space Digital Deluxe Edition– 89.99 Euro.
  • Deliver Us Mars–
  • Hogwarts Legacy: Digital Deluxe Edition– 84.99 Euro.
  • Hogwarts Tradition Version: Xbox Series X | S– 74.99 Euro.
  • Hogwarts Legacy Variation: Xbox One– 69.99 Euro.
  • Mankind– 49.99 Euro (XGP).
  • Like a Dragon: Shin!– 59.99 Euro.
  • Like a Dragon: Shin! Digital Deluxe Edition– 69.99 Euro.
  • Beast Energy Super cross 6– Pre-Order– 69.99 Euro.
  • Beast Hunter Rise– 39.99 Euro (XGP).
  • Beast Hunter Increase Deluxe Edition– 49.99 Euro.
  • One Piece Odyssey Requirement Edition– 69.99 Euro.
  • One Piece Odyssey Deluxe Edition– 94.99 Euro.
    — 3.19 Euro.
  • Homeowner Evil 4 (Remake)– 69.99 Euro.
  • Citizen Evil 4 (Remake)– Deluxe Edition– 79.99 Euro.
  • Street Fighter 6– Standard Edition– 69.99 Euro.
  • Street Fighter 6– Deluxe Edition– 94.99 Euro.
  • Street Fighter 6– Ultimate Edition– 114.99 Euro.
  • STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor– Requirement Edition– 79.99 Euro.
  • STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor– Deluxe Edition– 99.99 Euro.
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl– 59.99 Euro (XGP).
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl Deluxe Edition– 79.99 Euro.
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl Ultimate Edition– 109.99 Euro.

-19.99 euros.

-49.99 euros.
— 26,99 Euro.
— 3,19 Euro.
— 15,99 Euro.

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