Warhammer 40k Darktide Operator Classes

Warhammer 40k Dark tide offers its players four classes of operators to choose from.
Each class has its own unique abilities and weapons corresponding to its style of game.
Grin Chapel is a near-battle fighter, the piker plays the role of a magician in a team, a fanatic-producer is a master of all hands, and a veteran-sener is a supplier of firing power of long-range battle.
In this leadership, we will talk about the best assembly of a veteran-sniper.

The most effective equipment of a veteran-sniper at Warhammer 40k Dark tide

Equipment, most effective for a veteran-sniper in Warhammer 40k Dark tide, primarily depends on your choice of long-range weapons.
Thanks to the abilities of the cranial and fanatic, the fan of the producer, to clean the hordes, you must focus on the firepower of long-range battle.
You will need an effective weapon of close combat to combat special and elite fighters, and the veteran-Sniper has a wonderful selection of power swords and chain swords for this work.

Here is the best assembly of weapons for a veteran-Sniper:
Nearby weapon: power sword/chain sword
Far battle weapons: intelligence Asian/Bolton
We believe that of all the configurations of the Logan, the intelligence Asian is the most optimal for the overall use of a sniper-veteran.
It provides the best rate of fire, and its feature Rapid Fire allows fire to be fired in fully automatic mode.
A large supply of ammunition means that you will extract more benefits from them before they end.


You will have flexibility in choosing near-battle weapons, since Power Sword and Chain Sword work very well.
It’s all about personal preferences and the features of weapons.
We compiled the following list of exploits of a veteran-Sniper:
Level 5: exciting analysis
Level 10: Tactical reboot
Level 15: Biooptic Targeting
Level 20: unshakable focus
Level 25: one by another
Level 30: Return fire
The main attention in this list is paid to the fight against the elite and bosses.
Both the cranial of the skulls, and the fanatic, should take care of the hordes.
Tactical reloading will always be a great choice at the 10th level, because it allows you to continue to shoot while the battle becomes intense.
As a rule, you do not want to spend too much time on rebooting.
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