Freefire: Know All The Rewards Of The Madness Of Ginger And Go To The Stadium


The last weeks of the year have very interesting things for survivors who want to receive their advanced Christmas gift within the Arena shooting game, as every week the update that arrives at the store shows us an incredible variety of cosmetics to be able to spend our crystals
in the best (and responsibly) possible way within the game.

Mission to the Stadium

With a new active mission from December 14 to 18 where players will have to do quite a cardio to be able to get the special rewards, with we go to the stadium the survivors will have to travel a lot of distance in each of the islands to settle this mission:
2000 m = random loot box
3000 m = 3 pet food
6000 = Jeep Metal Shadow
With the World Cup Action Tanya we will have a special reward for logging on December 18 with an icon of the golden tiger that will be added to our collection, on the other hand with the angel recharge, very interesting things are coming Don Cuak-Strella Glam arrives together
with a pet selection box when using this recharge that will be available since December 19.

A cookie flavor sword

The mysterious store returns with a bloody winter package and winter package that will be available the following week to buy them with those diamonds that we have stored, the madness of ginger also arrives where we will have to do what we like most, cause damage to the rivals
But now to be able to meet the missions that give rewards during December 19.

  • 1k damage = random loot box
  • 3k damage = 5 pet foods
  • 5k damage = Katina destruction of ginger
    With all this we will have a fairly moved for each of those who enjoy Free Fire, now the squad will be assembled to obtain the rewards in conjunction with our allies to achieve our goals, it should be noted that some objects will not return to
    appear, so it is a good opportunity to get them early.

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