All Roblox Brookhaven music codes

Roblox is full of really fun experiences to play with your friends. One of the most popular games is Brookhaven, and it is easy to see why. Not only can you make role-playing games with your friends, but you also have the opportunity to own your own home and decorate it as you think. But what if you want to listen to some melodies while playing? Well, you will probably want to have all Roblox Brookhaven’s music codes in your hands, so right? Fortunately, you have come to the right place. Let’s enter it!

All Brookhaven Music identification codes in Roblox

Here is a list of Brookhaven music identification codes that work, so you can play in Roblox:

  • 2574264456-Gangenam style
  • 5410081542-ROOTKIT
  • 8474764179-FOR ZO
  • 7588343260-Song of the parody of Burger King
  • 154664102-You have been trolled
  • 1837258874-LA HUARACHE
  • 249672730-Illijah-On my way
  • 14366548-MUSIC DEL CANAL MID
  • 292861322-Snoop Dogg-Sleel it as if it were hot
  • 189105508-frozen-let it goes
  • 6843558868-BTS-butter
  • 6463211475-TESER-Baby Caleb
  • 1725273277-Frank Ocean-Chanel
  • 3400778682-Theme of the Pokémon Gymnasium Sword and Shield
  • 1243143051-Jingle Of (Jingle Bells parody)
  • 7081437616-LIL NAS X FT. Jack Harlow-The Baby of the Industry
  • 5145539495-Tina Turner-What does love with that have to do?
  • 6657083880-DOJA CAT FT. Ass-kiss me more
  • 521116871-DOJA Catskill
  • 5925841720-2pac FT. Dr. Dre-California Love
  • 6887728970-Rauw Alejandro-All of you
  • 1259050178-a Roblox/Merry Christmas Roblox rap
  • 5253604010-Capone-Oh no
  • 6620108916-LIL NAS X-Call me by your name
  • 5595658625-ROYAL & THE SERPENT-Overall
  • 6957372976-BAD BUNNY-YONAGUNI
  • 5760198930-SURE-SOFÍA
  • 1845016505-believer
  • 6887728970-Rauw Alejandro-All of you
  • 6678031214-Pole G-rap star
  • 5937000690-Chikatto-Chika China
  • 224845627-The Ratios dance
  • 6432181830-Crystal animals-heat wave
  • 1847788494-Beautiful day
  • 6447077697-PINK PAIN
  • 1843217953-National Pride

How to exchange music codes in Brookhaven in Roblox

It is important to keep in mind that the player will have to buy the ability to listen to music in the game for 150 Roux. Once this is done, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • Brookhaven starts in Roblox.
  • Touch the speaker icon at the top of the screen.


  • Click Buy now
  • Enter a music code as it appears in the previous list.

There you have it. We hope this has helped give a track about all Roblox Brookhaven’s music codes. To get more information, here is a detailed list of all pet values in adopt me, as well as guides that show you how to get all markers in Find The Markers and how to run in Doors.

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