FIFA 23 History Mystery Lesson Goals Solutions

The World Cup content continues to swamp FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, with a new Objective set coming that will test your footballing understanding. Look at

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Discover how to complete the History Mystery Lesson Goals to keep adding packs to your FUT 23 account.

History Secret Lesson Objectives

Start Date: Saturday, 26 November

Expiration Date: Tuesday, 29 November

To make the group benefit of an 84+ Unusual Gold Gamer Load you will need to finish 6 tasks, with the requirements as follows:

The Blow of Maracanã

  • A global game that broke a perpetuity record that still holds to this day. Reenact the match!

Reward-1 x 2 Uncommon Gold Gamers Load

  • The host country was gotten rid of with an unforeseen last rating leaving the world stunned. Recreate this match!

Hometown Shocker

Reward-1 x Premium Gold Pack

  • This eleventh hour finesse goal ensured victory versus the host country and ensured a spot in the last of the world’s biggest competition. Recreate the last goal of that match!


Reward-1 x 2 Rare Gold Gamers Pack

A 1950 Miracle on Turf

  • Who doesn’t like an underdog story? Relive it!

Reward-1 x Premium Gold Pack

The Heat Battle of Lausanne

  • A match with 12 objectives and severe conditions of 104 °F degrees with an interesting performance shared by two players, one from each team. What did the 2 gamers have in typical?

Reward-1 x 2 Uncommon Gold Players Pack


  • This player has actually scored in every international world tournament he has played in from 2002-2014, and he is just one of 4 players to do so. Recreate his journey!

Reward-1 x Jumbo Premium Gold Pack


You will discover that, unlike other Objectives, these don’t state specifically what you require to do to finish them.


Fortunately, we have you covered, with the options as follows:

The Blow of Maracanã

  • Rating 2 with a Uruguayan

Hometown Shocker

  • Rating more than 7 in 1 game


  • Rating a skill with an Italian

A 1950 Miracle on Lawn

  • Rating with a USA Gamer

The Heat Fight of Lausanne

  • Rating a Hat-Trick with a Swiss and Austrian player


  • Score with Germans in 4 matches

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