New Alien Video Game Reportedly in the Works

A new video game associated with the Alien movie franchise is apparently in the works. While movies associated with Alien have come and gone over the years, the series has always been rather lively in the video game space. If real, this makes it sound like the game could have rather a bit in common with Alien: Seclusion, which was a first-person horror title set within the Alien universe that released back in 2015.

As discussed, this mysterious new project isn’t the only one associated with Alien that we might get next year. Earlier this summer, Aliens: Dark Descent was announced at Summer Game Fest together with a 2023 release window. Details on this game are still a bit sparse, but Dark Descent looks to be more action-focused compared to this other reported project. The 2 could sit well along with each other if they both take place to release in 2023.

The report in question states that it’s meant to be a survival-horror video game in nature and is borrowing ideas from the Dead Space and Citizen Evil franchises. If true, this makes it sound like the video game might have quite a bit in typical with Alien: Isolation, which was a first-person scary title set within the Alien universe that introduced back in 2015.

Are you delighted that we may be getting even more Alien games in the future? And what would you like to see from a brand-new horror-focused entry in the series? Let me understand either down in the remarks or send me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12.


According to a report from Insider Video gaming, this new Alien game is now in advancement and is said to be targeting a launch near completion of 2023. The title is stated to be code named Marathon and is being made for current-gen hardware. Specifically, this indicates that the game would concern PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

A new video game associated with the Alien film franchise is reportedly in the works. While films associated with Alien have actually come and gone over the decades, the series has actually constantly been rather dynamic in the video game space.

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