Twitch: the Luis Enrique phenomenon and how to make people go to hate him to love him

The Luis Enrique phenomenon is a reality. Since he announced on his Twitter account that he would start making direct on Twitch, the Spanish coach is a real sensation on the purple platform. With a format, as if it were a football match, he speaks for 45 minutes, answering and answering several questions and speaking of the day to day of Spain before debuting at the World Cup in Qatar.


In terms of communication we agree with the opinion published by the sports journalist and analyst Axel Torres: It is a good case to study how Luis Enrique has gone from having a large part of public opinion against the image of a guy that right now. Nothing easy to turn that tortilla.

Here we will try to talk about the keys that have taken Luis Enrique to be so successful in his first streams in which he has achieved impressive support and left us many funny moments with some of his answers. We also remember that all the income generated, through subscriptions and donations they will be destined for beneficial purposes.

speaking without filters and without being misunderstood your statements, key

We already know Luis Enrique’s problems with the press, since this is nothing new, so the national coach is in his real sauce. He answers what he wants and as we see in the video, his reactions have left a few memes that will stay for many months in the retina of the tweeters.

This, without a doubt, is also a true victory for the communication of the Royal Spanish Football Federation itself, although we will talk about that in another article. Adapting to the new formats and reaching a young audience is key, and more seeing how other forms of entertainment far from sport is being chosen.

Luis Enrique, through its naturalness and closeness, has managed to break that wall that is usually in the main teams and normal people. In addition, with a short 45-minute format, approximately, it makes them entertaining and dynamic, and if you add that you can listen to it while you are doing other things because you do not need to see images, so it is a real ball.

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