FIFA 23 84+ Upgrade SBC Cheapest Service

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An 84+ Upgrade team Building Obstacle has dropped in FIFA 23 Ultimate Group.


Learn the finest method to finish the SBC to bring in a premier card to your FUT 23 side.


84+ Upgrade

You only have 2 days to complete the 84+ Upgrade SBC, so capture it while you can!

Start Date: Wednesday, 16 November

Expiration Date: Friday, 18 November

How to Total

84+ Upgrade

To make a Load containing a Player ranked 84 OR or higher you will require to complete simply one obstacle.

  • Minimum two 84+ OR players

  • Minimum 83 Team Rating

1 x 84+ Player Load

Estimated Cost-13,500 coins


You can use the following players to complete the 84+ Upgrade SBC:

Information to follow

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