The Korean Game Policy Society, 2022 Game Policy Joint Seminar


The Korean Game Policy Society (Chairman Lee Jae-won) announced on the 16th that it will hold the ‘2022 Game Policy Joint Seminar’ with the Korea Creative Content Agency and the Game Water Management Committee on November 18 at Susan BEX CO Convention Hall Seminar room 202.

The 2022 Game Policy Joint Seminar will be held to discuss the system improvement and future development direction to strengthen the game industry’s competitiveness during the G-Star 2022, the largest game exhibition in Korea.

In this seminar, game experts will be presented and presented on various topics. First, King Teamwork’s attorney (Pacific) will be presented under the theme of ‘the legal protection and issue of game IP’, followed by King Byung-soo’s lawyer (legal corporation politics) under the theme of ‘the problem and improvement plan of the contents of the contents of the contents.’ The announcement continues.

At the same time, the field of discussion is also prepared. Professor Dong-Ho Kim (Songs University), Chairman of Professor Choe-dong (Gangrene Won University) and Professor Sell Hodgkin (Chung-Ang University), Lee Tangshan, Director of Game Division (Korea Content Promotion Agency) We will discuss together.

In relation to the 2022 Game Policy Seminar, Lee Jae-won, chairman of the Korean Game Policy Society, said, This is a place to look back on various institutions and policies that make up the game industry. I prepared to talk about it.

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