Extreme heat! Opening of relaxation game championship that calms the heart -ghost story vs healing game 4 pulse measurement 4 match

How do readers and readers spend? Isn’t anyone living happily? So, this time, I picked up relaxation game from Steam’s Relax tag. While measuring the pulse, we will verify which of the most calm titles are .

However, because that alone is not enough , we will listen to the ghost story of June Kanagawa, a ghost story, before measuring , as it is called Aidan vs Relax. In other words, the purpose of this project is how to heal the pulse immediately after having a fear experience. I would like to crush the fear experience and explore one that brings the best relaxation.

If you are looking for a relaxed game, and if you want to enjoy June Kanagawa Kai story, please check this article.

・ Measurement method

For the measurement, I used the medical pulse oximeter PULMONIC that I happened to have. The main purpose of this device is to measure the saturation of arterial blood oxygen and pulse in the blood, but the purpose this time is used only to measure the pulse rate. By the way, this device is a disease related to pulmonary functions such as corona, and it is a price of about 20,000 yen for a price of about 20,000 yen that measures how much oxygen is imported into the blood.

In this article, we use this to measure the pulse rate when you experience a relaxing game and ghost story. I would like to look for the best relaxation game from the four pulse based on the pulse. At the same time, I will also introduce ghost stories where the pulse has jumped the most.

By the way, it is completely subjective to use the elements related to the personal physical condition and mental state of my own pulse. The average pulse rate is roughly 85-90, and I will mention that it will be a subjective play repo.

◆ Placid Plastic Duck Simulator vs Purple One Piece

This is just a work that just looks at the ducks that float. At first glance, the reason why the player cannot manipulate anything is the relaxation of visuals and music. It will be a game that only listens to the music flowing from the radio and looks at the duck.

By the way, the ghost story I listen to before starting this game is June Kanagawa’s Purple One Piece. By the way, there is no particular selection criteria because the fear will be weakened if information is added in advance. This is the style of listening to June Kanagawa Kai story that I saw.

● Purple dress

June Kanagawa’s narrative still invites fear… This work is about Ghost of Women as the title suggests. I will talk about the mysterious anecdote that would happen in Tokyo in a wonderful tone.

The most pulse rate in this work was a word, Long stairs going up to Metro. This is because I happened to have just climbed Metro’s long stairs. The long and long stairs that connect to the upper main street from the street below… The fiction of ghost stories is actually thin, and the tension increases.

However, although I felt afraid of a link with unexpected reality, it was a ghost story that did a pretty good end. I like the sad and painful work, but I have to think, Did you choose this from the beginning…? That’s why the final pulse rate is 92, the average value. Of course, without a break, play Placid Plastic Duck Simulator immediately.

Maximum pulse rate in purple dress: 106

By the way, I started looking at the duck-chan, but I was still thinking about the ghost story, so I still kept 90 units. It was a good story… a ghost is such a beautiful place…

However, 5 minutes later, it was safely entered into the world view (?) And dropped to 82 pulse rate. I was able to listen to the sound of the radio while the duck floating.

From the first one, you may have been quite relaxed. For an unhealthy writer with an average pulse rate 90, it is quite calm. Although it did not reach the pulse rate of 70 units set as a large stand, it can be said that it is a very good start.

The lowest pulse rate in Placid Plastic Duck Simulator: 82

◆ Mountain vs Hand Tunnel

MOUNTAIN is a work released in 2014. It will be a title to nurture the mountains floating in outer space. Actually, this is the first play this time. I thought that surreal works were becoming popular, but they didn’t pick up because of their surrealism.

The work of June Kanagawa, on the other hand, is a hand tunnel. There are so many ghost stories related to tunnels… it can be said to be an iron plate of ghost stories. If you think carefully, it has recently been a tunnel in Japan. I hear the Ishiyagawa tunnel in the Meiji 3rd year as a western tunnel, so I’m curious how scary stories came to gather.

● Hand tunnel

It is very scary with the sound effect. The sound that invites anxiety will increase the pulse rate. He feared the synergistic effect of June Kanagawa’s flowing narration and sound effects, and his heart seemed to give up normal driving. The pulse rate reached 100 after half of the story. Eventually, we reached the 112 platform.

As a writer, I was proud to hear ghost stories, but June Kanagawa’s ghost story has changed, and it’s terrible. I’m impressed again that it’s just a legend.

Maximum pulse rate in hand tunnel: 112

And migrated to Mountain. A mysterious picture was drawn at the start, and a strange world like meditation was opened. There is only one mountain.

An overwhelmingly magnificent, a world view that comes from above. I feel that my spirit is calm down because of the majesty that I just say, I’m going to leave everything.

The feeling of being drifted in the universe, as if I became an inorganic substance… It will remain the world view of June Kanagawa with the world view of MOUNTAIN. The pulse rate was maintained in the first half of the 80 units, reaching the pulse rate of 74 when it began to be dusk.

In fact, this title was skeptical that I was the most relaxed. I heard in the story, but he said, I can’t relax with such a surreal thing. However, here should be here.

I was too comfortable to listen to the next ghost story. I wonder if it can be a mountain…


The lowest pulse rate in Mountain: 74

◆ DOWNSCALE vs Those who hide in the sea

The next work is DOWNSCALE. This is a game that only stands on a colorful house one after another on the calm sea. Even though it is an architecture, it is generated with a small sound by one click. It is a work that can make a Limpopo town in a nice feeling.

If you stick, you can create a high-rise city and make a gem spa town! In fact, it is a game that is the best writer.

● Those hidden in the sea

The opposite horror is the hidden in the sea. I did not choose the sea-related, but for the author, the sea-based ghost story is a demon gate. I like the sea itself, but if a horror element is involved there, it will be a scary target at once. The soul who died in the sea cannot return to the ground… I don’t know why that’s the case…

With such a fear in advance, the pulse has already been hit 106 when I started listening. However, this June Kanagawa work was sadly expected. Perhaps I heard it in the past, or I knew in advance what this story was deformed. Therefore, the pulse rate did not hit anymore, and eventually finished with 90 units.

The maximum pulse rate in the person hidden in the sea: 105

I moved to DOWNSCALE like this, but it was too compatible with the ghost story.

This work is a game that creates a city between the sea, as mentioned earlier. The flowing wavy babbling has been heard as a sound effect. This sound, which should be healed, reminds me of the person lurking in the sea and is ridiculously backfired!

Furthermore, the mental situation is that he listens to ghost stories so far, and thinks, If you go to the bathroom, you may have a ghost behind. It is not healed at all… Rather, the fear has increased, and the pulse rate has risen to around 100.

It’s too unreasonable, but the most unreasonable result in this verification… the more scary you are.

The lowest pulse rate in DOWNSCALE: 90

◆ Cats Organized Neatly vs Ward of murder

This is the fourth. The title, such as Ward of murder, is scary with a straight ball. On the other hand, the healing title was changed to a puzzle game Cats Organized Neatly by changing the atmosphere. The reason I chose this is a simple thing that says, I should be healed because I’m a cat!. To be honest, I just wanted to do a sexually cute work.

● Ward of murder

By the way, the classic ghost stories are feminine ghosts, tunnels, sea… and hospital things. The selection criteria were going to be random, but as a result of chosen scary titles, classic genres were lined up.

However, I started listening and was surprised from the beginning… I was terrified because I had a quick point with a common hospital. June Kanagawa’s peculiar screams driven fear, and the maximum pulse rate struck 114. If anything, it is a work that impresses the shocking development.

The maximum pulse rate in the Ward of murder: 114

Then, anyway, I moved to Cats Organized Neatly because I was going to be healed with cute things anyway. Already, cute Yank and others are crowded on the screen, and that alone is healed. Although it is a puzzle, the cats that sandwich the cats are very good… I feel like I feel good.

However, although the mental healing was obtained, this game was just a puzzle. There are many operations to do, and the elements that calm the pulse have been reduced. Although it was in the late 80 units, it did not fall below the average pulse rate.

The visuals are very cute, but…! The relief of mental stress and the calmness of the pulse are not equal.

The lowest pulse rate in Cats Organized Neatly: 86

By the way, the relaxation game that hit the lowest pulse rate in the subjective project Aidan vs. Relaxing game / pulse measurement 4 match was Mountain (the lowest pulse rate: 74) . 。 And the ghost story that pops the maximum pulse rate is Ward of murder (pulse rate: 114) !

This verification was very prejudiced, but there were unexpected discoveries. That is, relaxation, fear and pulse rate are not simple equal. Looking at the pulse in a scene where goose bumps were scared, it often fell below the average. In the scene with momentum, the pulse rises, but I realized once again that there was a quiet fear.

At the same time, the same is true for relaxation.
The state where mental stress is being reduced and the state where the pulse is calm should be different.
However, it is certain that the pulse is calm.
If you are tired of exciting content, it’s fun to play a game that rests your heart!

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