Ys X will certainly be released in 2023 in Japan on PS5, PS4 and also Switch

Duration Turn over Functional benefit Internet profit
October 2020-September 2021 16.9 million euros 9.6 million euros 6.8 million euros.
October 2021-September 2022 17.2 million euros 9.9 million euros 7.0 million euros.

Falcon confirmed it as component of the discussion of its yearly results, the following IS will be launched in Japan prior to the end of the new fiscal year of the Japanese workshop, particularly no behind September 30, 2023. Absolutely nothing confirmed in Vengeance worrying the West, which might well have to chomp at its brake till 2024 unless a big adjustment in the localization procedure of Falcon.

Based on what he had hinted, Falcon will launch the video game not just on PS5 and PS4 but also on Change, without waiting for his place partners to take the game on the Nintendo console of chandeliers later on. A multiplatform development which opens up new industrial point of views for this episode which will certainly celebrate the 35th wedding anniversary of the franchise, and also the unavoidable PC variation which will certainly not fail to add once the video game is confirmed outside Japan.

Falcon results


Falcon, that additionally intended to release two various other Switch games prior to September 2023, attained a turnover of 17.2 million euros and an internet earning of 7 million euros for the year ended on September 30, 2022. Lead to accordance with its habits and also somewhat above those in 2014.

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