Virtual Reality Game of Stranger Things is announced

For a while now, video game companies are no longer betting on creating licensed games, that is because there was a time when no one bought them. However, all this gradually returns to the market, proof of this is neither more nor less than Stranger Things VR , game focused on the Netflix television program.

This adaptation will put us in the role of a certain important character of the series, which fulfills the function of villain, and we will be we who help him in his way to defeat the protagonist children. We will have psychic powers, so the experience will be similar to Bios hock , only with the identity that characterizes the evil entity.


Here is your first trailer:

This is the description of Stranger Things VR :

Play as a neighbor in this new Stranger Things adventure in virtual reality. Become an explorer of unknown realities while forms the mind of the hive and domestic the void. Invade minds and evoke nightmares in your search to avenge you from Eleven and Hawkins.

Stranger Things VR is a psychological action/terror game developed by Tender Claws and will reach the main virtual reality platforms in the winter of 2023.

As mentioned in the text above, the game will be released on the VR most important market in winter of the 2023 . That means that Oculus Quest would be involved, as well as the PlayStation VR2 .

Via: Netflix

Editor’s note: Stranger Things is a very interesting work, but getting the brand in a video game, I really don’t know if it would be the most promising idea. We will have to wait to see more trailers to have more notion than we are going to see.

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