The best cultures for growing / harvesting in Harvestella

Harvested is a heating simulator, and therefore you quickly realize the importance of growing and harvesting for use in recipes for cooking or sales for income. The latter is how you begin to generate grills at an early stage.

In Harvested, you can plant several crops. Some of them can only be collected in certain seasons, while for growing others, another boom or other conditions is required. Some cultures can even give you other special advantages, but it is quite difficult to grow them in the game.

The next guide will help you make a decision by listing the best crops for growing in Harvested.

The best cultures for planting at any time of the year


Carrots are mainly carrots, which will be one of your main sources of income at the beginning of the game. They can be planted in spring and summer and sold for 115 Grille each after harvesting.

You can purchase carrots in a universal store for 105 Grille. However, in the CEMEA universal store they are sold cheaper-95 Grille.

Carrots are required one day to grow and be prepared to collect the crop.

Embassy tomato

Unlike carp, Demean tomatoes can be collected again. This means that you do not need to spend money on the purchase of seeds every time you want to raise a new batch of DEMEAN tomatoes.

Demean tomatoes can be sold for 65 Grille each. This is less than 170 Grille that you will pay for their seeds in the universal CEMEA store. However, since they can be collected again, you will have to buy seeds of Demean tomatoes only the first a couple of times.

As soon as you start collecting them regularly, you will quickly restore your initial losses, collecting 170 Grille as a total profit for each Embassy tomato.


You can plant Demean tomatoes both in spring and summer. Please note that they need five days to be prepared for harvesting.

Star wheat

Star wheat is another culture that can be grown both in spring and in summer.

You can purchase Stellar Wheat seeds in the 40 Grille LETHA universal store each. Their preparation for harvesting takes two days, and they can be sold for 55 grille.

The margin of profit is not so great, but starry wheat is an important culture for growing on your farm in Harvested. This is because Stellar Wheat is used for manufacturing flour at the flour factory and food for cloffoule for your cattle.

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