The house is living in the game in the game, said a user report. I live there

In games, there are many cases where maps are created using real places as models. For example, in the Grand Seep Auto series, various parts of the United States appear as maps. In addition to the landscape in various places, the famous landmarks have been reproduced in the game with some arrangements. In domestic games, the Ryuga-like series reproduces cities around the country, such as Tokyo and Osaka. Although the place names are different, it is designed to feel the characteristics of each city.

On the other hand, there are cases where real address is used in the game. The other day, user Angry posted a thread on the overseas bulletin board Reddit. He lamented that his address was living in a terrorist in a certain AAA-class game. This thread was posted in the community Legal Advice UK, which gathered users regarding British law.

Although Angry himself is currently deleting comments at the time of the thread posting, Twitter users have posted screenshots at the time. He claims that his address was used in a game as a terrorist residence. He is wondering if the in-game use of the address is allowed without the consent of the residents. The game is an AAA-class title and is played by millions of people. His home says that many people have taken pictures and are being talked about in social media.

In the thread, some users are looking for further information from Angry. Some users ask how the address was used. He argued that the driver’s license in the game cut scene shows the address and postcode of where he lived.

One Twitter user presumed that the game mentioned by Angry would be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (COD: MW) released in 2019. According to our magazine, there is certainly a scene in the same work that matches his explanation. This is the cut scene at the beginning of the campaign mode in the general cleaning. In the scene, four terrorists’ driver’s license (Driving License) is projected, all of which have the same address and postal code.

When I checked the address and postal code described in the license in the above scene, I was able to confirm that it was real and there was a house on the spot. It is not clear whether it is Angry’s house, but there is a possibility that someone will live.

In the same scene, terrorist hide is found in Camden Town, northern London. On the other hand, the above address is located in the southwestern part of the UK and is far from London. Therefore, the location of the license does not actually appear in the game as a terrorist’s hideout.

As mentioned earlier, Angry’s initial claim has been deleted, and it is not clear whether his games were COD: MW. On the other hand, it is interesting to see that the actual address was described in the terrorist’s license in this work. The fact that the developer INFINITY WARD is granting permission to the residents, as it can actually be annoying to the local residents.

By the way, the sequel Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II also had problems related to real locations. The hotel that appears in the same work seems to be modeled on a real hotel. The other day, there was an act of a real hotel manager who was dissatisfied with the work (related article).

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