All free games you can get this month (November 2022)

Looking for a complete list of free games that you can get this month ? Do not look for anymore, since we will take a look at all the free games that will be launched on the main platforms such as Game Pass and PS Plus, along with some next free games for PC and mobile devices.

All free games you can get in November 2022

As indicated above, we will analyze the following platforms and services for all free games that will be available this month:

  • Xbox game pass
  • Xbox games with gold
  • PS plus
  • first game
  • Epic game store
  • Free games on Steam and mobile devices

In addition to free releases for PC and mobile devices, the rest of these titles will have a time limit, which means that you can only claim them this month before the agreement expires. So, if you are signed to Game Pass, PS Plus or Prime, be sure to claim them quickly before losing this opportunity.

Xbox games with gold

Pretorians-HD Remaster
Final work

There are not many attractive offers here if we are honest, but if you are a Gold subscriber, and you are humorous for a decent real-time strategy game, Praetoriapicians could be a decent choice. It offers more than 20 campaign missions with three different armies that come with their own game styles.

Dead End Job is also available, which could be a good Sofa cooperative experience for a weekend.

Xbox games pass

Ghost song
Football Manager 2023
Return to the island of the monkeys
Vampire survivors

On the other hand, the other great Microsoft subscription service continues to offer some of the best values you can get in the games at this time.

A couple of great successes such as Return to Monkey Island and Vampire Survivors will be added to the catalog this month. In addition to that, Sentiment and Somerville are definitely two titles to take into account, since the first is a medieval narrative game of interesting appearance and the second is the last project of the Play dead co-founder.

PS Plus

Nigh 2
Lego Harry Potter Collection
Celestial bodies

November 2022 also seems a fairly decent month for PS Plus subscribers, with Nigh 2 as the great main title here. Fan of souls who have not had the opportunity to see Nigh 2 should definitely do it, since it offers a challenging action combination, as well as a fun booty system similar to devil.

The Lego Harry Potter collection is also at stake this month, and although its quality is usually questionable, they are usually a fun group in groups.

first game

Fallout: New Vegas definitive edition
Indiana Jones and the last crusade
Installation 47
The last day of June

Prime Gaming has some interesting selections here for all kinds of players. Obviously, the most important title here would be Fallout: New Vegas, which is often cited as the best game in the entire series. It still remains quite well today, and it is essential to play if it has not yet tried it.

There are also some other fun secondary games to see, including The Last Day of June, which offers an emotional story that you can play in a few days.

Epic game store

Growing storm 2: Vietnam
ALBA: An adventure of wildlife
Tactics of the Shadows: Shogun Swords

Epic Games Store has also been improving its game in terms of monthly free offers, although we have to say that the offers of November 2022 seem a bit mediocre compared to their previous history.

The great title here is probably Shadow Tactics, where players can play as five different specialists in feudal Japan, each with their own unique skills set. It is not precisely an easy game, but there are three levels of difficulty choosing.

Free games on mobile

Victory Goddess: Nike
Neuronal cloud
Eternal evolution
War of invokes: Chronicles
Silver Twilight
Online art sword vs

Goddess of Victory: Nike is undoubtedly the most important mobile game to take into account this month. Developed by Shift Up, who worked at Destiny Child, Nike offers a unique weapons game similar to time crisis and a really beautiful live 2D art.

Summoners War: Chronicles is also interesting, since it is an action role-playing game set in the iconic Summoners War universe.

That is done by all the free games that you can get this month .
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