16 years. 5,489 people received the Thanksgiving request of the people

It was reported that 5,489 participants participated in the signature of the Auditor’s Audit Solidarity to identify the allegations of the Game Water Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Game Commission) held in the House of Representatives Lee Pantheon on the 29th.

According to Lee Pantheon, the signature campaign was held from about 12:20 to 6:30 at the main entrance of the National Assembly. There were also people who did not sign the signature due to the time, and the waiting line was over 1 km, so it was estimated that more people gathered on the scene.


After the signature was completed, Representative Lee Pantheon said, Thank you very much. Thank you for your precious steps, but I have not been able to participate in the signature because of the late time. I also thanked the volunteers who were in charge of the trash. The signature site is known to be neatly organized with the help of volunteers.

As the signing campaign is completed, Lee Pantheon will file a request for the National Audit on the 31st afternoon. The Auditor should review the reception toward within a month and end the audit in accordance with the conditions. Lee Pantheon explained, The results will come in up to three months and at least two months.

The signature was carried out due to the controversy over the ‘Self-Classification Game Integrated Follow-up Management System’. The Game Committee decided to establish a ‘self-class classification game integrated follow-up management system’ in 17 years, and was delivered to the system in 19 years with a budget of 3.88 billion won, but it was not normal. In addition, gamers have raised problems with the unclear classification standards and unpublished minutes of the game committee, which seems to have gathered more people in the signing campaign.

Unfortunately, October 30, the day after the signing campaign, is 16 years since the game commission was launched. On October 30, 2006, the Game Committee was launched under the name of the ‘Game Rating Committee’ and said, It is a clear distinction between games and not games, rooted in gambling games, and settled a healthy game culture early. I will do my best to speed up the world’s three major game powers.

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