Netflix: currently no Cyberpunk Edgerunners Season 2 in planning

The first season of Cyberpunk Edge runner consisted of the independent history of road child David in ten episodes, that defends survival after the death of his mother in the futuristic city.

An anime collection for Cyberpunk 2077 aided the battered parlor game in September to a 2nd spring and made sure that the variety of players shot up.

What do the chances for a second season?

Satori Honda Nation Manager from CD Task Red in Japan spoke to Fujitsu concerning it. There is presently no second season to the series, not privately behind-the-scenes. In the future, nonetheless, you wish to generate even more anime.

Even if we might make one more anime in the future, I do not know if it will be a season 2 or something entirely various.

A possible 2nd season of Edge runners would likewise be suspicious, because it might likewise be something entirely various, as he added.


Personally, I would such as to proceed working with Japanese workshops to create further anime in the future, also because we received perfect responses. Simply to make it clear: Cyberpunk: Edge runners was intended as an independent job, so there is no ‘We work in the history on season 2’.

All episodes of Cyberpunk Edge runners are available through the streaming carrier Netflix.

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