Enhance Microsofts Xbox game accessibility

[ Park Yeo-jin] Microsoft Xbox (Xbox) announced on the 18th to improve the accessibility of gamers with disabilities.

Xbox said it would create a game, experience, and platform with accessibility to help everyone around the world can play the game they want and where they want to play where they want.

As part of this effort, Xbox held the ‘xbox accessibility showcase‘ on the 13th (local time). In the showcase, Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming (CEO), said, Improving its game and platform, increasing the accessibility of more than 400 million gamers around the world with disabilities, and community with safety, inclusion and representation. We will provide game developers with accessibility tools and exemplary cases to build.

According to the accessibility update announced along with the showcase, Xbox expands the Microsoft Gaming Accessibility Testing Service (MATS), which was launched in February last year, and gamers with disabilities on core scenarios, menu search and game settings The company plans to launch the ‘Players with Disability Focus (PWD)’ service, which provides the feedback of the game developers.

This wants to receive feedback on game access from the disabled community, but it can be a good alternative to game developers who may be burdensome for MATS’s comprehensive testing under the Xbox access guidelines.

In addition, the Xbox Accessibility Guidelines (BAGS), a collection of best practices developed by industry experts and gaming and disabled communities, has also been newly upped. This update includes exemplary cases of touch-based interfaces related to the use of games through mobile devices, and includes details on the size of the touch target, the recommendation of the placement, and the sensitivity of the swipe.

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