Cyberpunk 2077: Tips for beginners

Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the most anticipated and delayed games of CD Project Red. The game transfers players to the future of cybernetic improvements and life in a noisy dense city permeated crime. Nevertheless, a reliable, but bright environment can confuse new players a little, so here we have collected some very useful tips for beginners in Cyberpunk 2077.

tips that you should know before jumping in Night City


The first question you get is what life path you want to choose when starting cyberpunk 2077. Players really think that each life path has its own beginning and its own story, which inevitably converges, but this is not so.

Unfortunately, the life path is just a choice that you make for yourself to tell your character the background.

The only difference that your choice of life makes is a small sequence that you get at the beginning of the game, and nothing more. After a short section, you will have the same storyline, the same quests, the same answers of most characters in the game.

There are several dialogue options that change throughout the game depending on your initial choice of life path, but they are so insignificant that you can not even notice them, even if you play on all life paths.

Morality: Do not think too much about the life path, except that resonates with you. Are you a desert nomad, an ordinary street bandit or the head of the corps? In the end, it does not even matter.

concert mission

As soon as you start playing Night City, your first goal should be to fulfill The Gig. Do not explore, do not wander, complete this mission. The GIG mission opens Ripper docs for you.

Ripper docs is underground shadow doctors-skibors that will help you introduce various modifications to you and improve your cybernetic attachment. Ripper docs will play a very important role in your passage, as many of your updates can be bought and installed from Ripper doc. The sooner you unlock them, the better.

In addition, The Gig mission allows you to get several improvements for free.

Mind for your heart and contents of inventory

Malapropism is the main part of the Cyberpunk 2077. You can always find several spare parts, materials for improvement and consumables lying in garbage, chests around the world and among the enemies you kill. The production tables vary from simple soft drinks to high-level drawings to create mods and weapons for themselves.

Maratrineism is extremely profitable. If you don’t need something, take it. All Night City there are processing machines where you can hand over these items to sell them for Eddie, Cyberpunk 2077 currency.

Any weapon is worse than yours, any mod or item that you have too much, any consumable, just sell it if you do not need it.

As for the second part, excessive robbery is still relevant. You have a restriction on the weight of objects that you can store in your inventory. You can’t raise items anymore if the weight limit is exhausted.

When you encounter this problem, drop items that you need the least. If you collect looting for sale, throw objects that will bring you the least amount of Eddie.

It is not worth throwing carbonated drinks and food, as they are quite light and do not burden you so much, but if you abandon any useless rifles that you wear, this will help reduce the load in geometric progress.

Curly Progress

This is one of the most important things that you should keep in mind. Even if your initial life path does not matter much, your choice in the game will affect the option that you have.


Without going into details, the Cyberpunk 2077 has 6 different endings, and you need to perform preliminary quests to get different endings. The only way to pass the game is completely to make sure that you perform various side quests that the game offers you.

In addition, some quests contain special items to improve high levels and drawings as a reward, and the only way to get them in the game is to complete the appropriate quest.

You may be in a hurry through the history of Cyberpunk 2077 and are determined to see the life of the vent, but you need to fulfill side quests so that you can fully experience the life of VI.

do not ignore your mobile

Many of your quests in the game, whether it is the main plot or side quests, are unlocked using mobile text messages. Unlike GTA 4, where the novel abounded by your history of calls with Bowling’s proposals, the Cyberpunk 2077 mobile phone requires some attention.

Many side effects, advertising vehicles and quests necessary for progress pass through your mobile phone.

Passing time

Here is one of the most important features of the game. The game has an wait option that allows you to miss the time in the world of Cyberpunk 2077.

As we have already said, some missions begin after you get a text message or a call from your partner, you can wait for your partner to find time to call you.

If so, you can just miss the time for 24 hours, and you will instantly get the call you want. Light.

Another use of Time skip is when you buy goods. Different sellers in the game sell different mods and objects that you may be looking for, and these annoying sellers will not keep objects in their inventory. What to do?

The inventory of the in-game store changes after 24 hours, so you can skip time and change the inventory. You can even continue to do this until you get an object that you were looking for.


We talked a lot about mods, so here we will explain them. Modifications are special items for improvement with which you can equip your cybernetic devices. Modifications are what improves your abilities, in addition to the skills tree, and gives you access to new functions.

Your first mods will appear at the Ripped, whom you will find in the The Gig mission, and from that moment you will almost constantly hunt for new mods to improve yourself.

Each mod has different updating options for you, and you can equip only the selected number of mods, which is determined by the number of slots on your motherboard. As your advance, more powerful and large motherboards will be unlocked, which will allow you to equip more mods.

Modifications help you increase the damage to your weapons, your armor, speed and resistance and even apply various positive effects to your weapon, such as a change in the type of physical, chemical or electric and vice versa.

You can get immunity from certain types of damage using mods. You can increase the total amount of health, a chance of critical blow and damage, as well as much more with the help of a wide choice of mods that Cyberpunk 2077 offers.

Make your own cars

Cyberpunk 2077 in no way punishes you for theft of any vehicle that you want, but we still strongly recommend that you buy a vehicle, especially the car for yourself.

The first reason is that you have the opportunity to call your car to yourself at any time. Wherever you get stuck, you can give a signal, and your car will come to you.

This greatly facilitates the journey, especially if you are stuck in places with low traffic. Just keep in mind that you need to be next to the road, because your car mainly moves along the road with automatic driving.

The second reason we offer a personal car is that you can use the trunk as a strange unit. As you know, V in Cyberpunk 2077 has a load limit, impractical and often difficult to constantly carry all weapons with you. You do not always want your sniper to be with you, and your shotguns may not always be optimal for the battle.

In such cases, you can store the currently unnecessary weapons in the trunk of the car and take only what you need. Storage of your weapon in storage allows you to change the weapon when you want, and rob as much as you want, without burdening.

The storage is jointly used by all your vehicles, so any personal vehicle can be used to store or access the vault. Trust us. Vehicles are an excellent investment in Cyberpunk 2077.

Level up

An increase in the level in the Cyberpunk 2077 is difficult due to the variety of trees of skills, perks and attributes. We will try to summarize it here as much as possible.

The skills are not earned, but skills are improved as you do different things in the world. For example, abundant use of assault rifles will increase your skill in handling weapons.

In the same way, parking on the map will increase your dexterity and so on. Therefore, if you want to improve any of your skills, just continue to repeat any task that improves this skill.

As for attributes, you get attributes throughout the game, increasing the level V or performing certain missions. Then these attributes can be used to increase the level of your attributes in various areas, such as secrecy, reflexes, fight, etc.

Perks are directly related to your skills. By increasing the level of your skills, you earn skills. Of course, the skills of skills to get much easier than attributes.

Summer glasses increase the level of certain abilities of your skills. Keep in mind that your skills are universal skills, which means that even if the skills are obtained from the skills of weapons, they can be used for body skills.

Quick Journey

The Cyberpunk 2077 has a quick movement system, and, fortunately, it is unlocked from the very beginning.

Traveling around the city by car, you will go through fast movement points. You do not need to interact with them with all your might, but keep in mind that this is how these points of quick movement are unlocked.

When you unlock these points, you can travel from one point to another when you want. Exploring the city and rural areas, you will open new places for travel.

Although a quick journey is useful, keep in mind that you should not completely depend on a quick journey so that you can be available for texts from NPC to unlock quests and missions.

Craft is important

Kraft in a game such as Cyberpunk 2077, where you can rob everything you need, seems meaningless, but this does not mean that you should abandon the craft system.

We agree that your crafting will first be garbage, but later, when you unlock more drawings and unlock a new weapon for craft, you will get the best weapon mainly craft.

The search for epic and legendary versions of weapons is a huge problem, since they are either very expensive, or it is very difficult to find them. Fortunately, you can find drawings to make this weapon for yourself.

The raw materials necessary for the manufacture of weapons and objects of various rarities are really different, but you will find enough to satisfy all your needs.

In addition, any home-made weapon can be redone to get various buffs on legendary versions. This allows you to continue to create and disassemble this weapon until you get what you are looking for.

Kraft is becoming the only method of late game to obtain excellent weapons and even modifications for your weapons. To do this, try to find as many drawings as possible and add up the raw materials to create the specified weapon.

and NPS

NPC in Cyberpunk 2077 is not as boring as you could expect. They are reactive and will pay attention to what you do and say. Therefore, follow your actions in the game.

A useless collision with NPC can provoke a fight. A fight can lead to a level of level. If you hold a pistol in public for no reason, this can lead to the fact that a group of local thugs will attack you. A meaningless shootout should always be avoided, since any misfire will force more NPC to join you.

Another problem is that all the NPCs you fought with will remember you. If you ever run away from the battle, you will be attacking any time when you return to the same area. This makes you participate in regular battles, which may be quite troublesome if you always have to fight to get to any seller.

The difficulty of the mission

Cyberpunk 2077 allows you to travel to any place on the map as soon as you go to the night city. Most of the side missions are already marked on the map. But keep in mind that the further you are moving from the starting area, the more difficult the mission.

You have a way to determine whether you are ready for any specific mission in Cyberpunk 2077. Whenever you plan to start a quest or mission, just find a marker on the map and insert the cursor on the marker.

The details of the quest are opened, and you can see the danger of a mission. Ideally, you want to perform a mission with a normal or low level of danger.

If you are ready for a quest, but the danger level is high, you need to improve yourself. Get the best weapon, get the best armor and improve your cyber program. This will reduce the danger level of any mission that you want to fulfill.

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