The best things to do after finishing the campaign in Splatoon 3

Now that you have completed the campaign in Platoon 3, you may wonder what to do next. Fortunately, Platoon 3 is not designed to be a single player game, there is much more to do. It is already obvious that you can participate in endless multiplayer battles in line with other apprentices. But if you go beyond the basic concepts of playing online, you will get the most of Platoon 3. If you have not yet bought a copy, here are the better things to do after finishing the campaign in Platoon 3 .

Fun things to do after completing the Platoon 3 campaign

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Although you can play the campaign at any time, or never, it is a good idea to complete it as soon as possible. It is full of funny-based platform and challenges adventures. You can experience a short story, while you get used to mechanics. In addition, you will also learn the ins and outs of all the weapons of the game, which is always useful.

After completely completing Rise of Mammalians, you will have access to a new Hero Splat weapon and a lot of articles you found in your adventures. At this point, most players continue to play territorial battles and some classified modes without a clear direction. Here are some ideas about how to focus on more specific objectives and functions that will maximize their experience in Platoon 3.

Concentrate to update your Platoon team

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It is easy to put your favorite team and unlock random skills as your team rises level. By following this route, you will not be able to maximize your equipment. Instead, you can start looking at your favorite armaments and teams, then decide what skills you will need to use that weapon in all your abilities. You can also find out what game modes you want to use each weapon.

Once everything is determined, you can save your money and spend it on scrubbing each piece of the team to turn it into a whiteboard. Next, you will want to use drink items to get the specific skills you want and equip your empty equipment. As you level up, you will have more possibilities to roll and unlock the ability you need.

Finally, you can continue cleaning the random skills that you unlock your other team until you get enough skills fragments to add the ability you want to your favorite team.

use and mastery of Platoon 3 weapons

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With so many blasters, brushes and other things to use in Platoon 3, it is easier to start with one or two and master them. If you can use one or two of its favorite attack elements in several ways, you can concentrate on strategy and teamwork while playing. In addition, you can continue playing with a specific weapon to unlock stickers and badges of that attack element.

Another option is to play with each blaster, brush, arc, etc. for a long time to learn and master it. You can play with each one until we reach a certain level of domain and then change to another type. As you become familiar with each weapon in each mode, you will open your eyes to more strategies and tricks while adding more variety to your fun.

dominates Salmon Run game mode

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Another aspect of Platoon is the EVE Salmon Run mode. This mode is more than a fun cooperative experience; It simulates a real-time strategy mode that demands knowledge and skills. You can spend time learning maps, attack elements and bosses in this detailed mode. This will increase your chances of winning more battles in Salmon Run. The more games battles, the more rewards you can get.

Playing Salmon Run after the campaign is a rewarding experience that will give you more extras and will allow you and your friends to face hordes of enemies and bosses.

Compete and rise in range in anarchy mode

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With your team strategically focused, you can spend your online time playing in classified modes to see how far you can go. During this process, you will also learn which charges are using other players in specific modes and how they are using them.

Testing your skills in this mode will make you the best player you can. This allows you to adapt and improve your game, while making the necessary changes in your equipment. The more you play in this way, you will play against the best of the best. Who knows, maybe you even compete as a professional one day!

Play Tabletop Turf Battle

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Platoon 3 presented the new Tabletop Turf mini-game that combines card games and pieces of intertwined puzzles similar to Tetris. This face-to-face mode faces players against the opponents of AI with whom you will be familiar with the world of Platoon.


From the day of the launch, there are 162 cards available to collect after getting your starting deck. Open on the way through different opponents and their upper level counterparts to get additional bonuses in the game. It is a unique way of experiencing the concept of entering more territory than your opponent, but in shifts.

Although there is currently no multiplayer option, the sooner you start collecting cards and improve your game, before you will be ready in case a multiplayer mode is added later.

collect items for your locker

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Another new and interesting feature of Platoon 3 is the customizable locker. This adds a personal style to your idea in Pottsville and gives you a lot of articles to collect. You can take the time to carefully organize your locker showing your favorite weapons and teams.

Once you have organized your favorite weapons and teams in your locker, you can start saving money to use it later in store items.

Platoon 3 is a game full of things to do after completing the campaign and Nintendo has promised continuous support and periodic updates. With luck, some of Platoon 3 weaknesses will improve on the road. These are the the best things to do after finishing the campaign in Platoon 3 to maintain the fun and action of the game. Take any or all these options, and you will be playing for a long time.

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