Womens Game Namju Festival Jeong Hi, Seoul Fashion Week Model

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] ‘Jung Hi’, who has signed a formal contract with the model agency as a 2D game character, will be on the Seoul Fashion Week stage.

Neptune subsidiary Pretty Visit (CEO Yunnan) is a high fashion brand ‘CREDULOUS’ at ‘2023 S/S Seoul Fashion Week’, where the main character ‘Love Unholy’ will open on the 11th. ) On the 5th, he announced on the 5th that he will appear as a video model on the opening stage.


‘Along HAI’ is one of the most representative models of ‘Grinders’ and will showcase the fashion that Grinders wants to express through the video on the Seoul Fashion Week stage. Grinders is a high fashion designer brand launched in 2009, and also collaborated with LG’s artificial intelligence (TILDA) at the New York Fashion Week in February.

We decided to concept as the concept of ‘Digital Retro’, which reinterpreted the retro in the 80s at the Seoul Fashion Week, he said. I wanted to express fantasy digital retro.

Soon NARA’s Pretty Visage CEO said, Along Hi is a model that is already in reality, which is popular enough to secure more than 8,000 followers in the month after the opening of Instagram. I wanted to show you the meta bus human ‘Jung Hi’, which is communicated and grows. Pretty Visit is looking for a variety of collaboration with the fashion industry through Jung Hi, and will try to make a new leap forward in the content market other than the game.

Meanwhile, ‘2023 S/S Seoul Fashion Week’ will be held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Jungle, Seoul for five days from 11th to 15th.

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