PlayStation Stars launched in the first Asian region

PlayStation Stars, a new royalty program for PlayStation, was launched in Asia for the first time in the global world.

The new royalty program, PlayStation Stars, is a royalty program that provides various rewards such as points and digital collections if all players who love the game enjoy fun and fun campaign activities and achieve them.

The program will be released in Asia (including Japan) on September 29 (local time), October 5 (local time) in North America and South America, and on October 13 (local time) in Europe and Australia. Anyone can join for free, and the PlayStation network has an adult account and only agrees with the terms and conditions of the program.

If you become a PlayStation Plus member, a specific benefit is provided, but the PlayStation Plus membership is not necessary to join the PlayStation Stars. PlayStation Stars can be accessible through the PlayStation app of iOS and AOS, and you can join the PlayStation Stars via homepage . This feature plans to expand into console devices in the future.

If you join the PlayStation Stars, you can complete various campaigns and activities to earn rewards. One of the first campaigns is ‘Hit Flare/1994’, which provides special collections to members who run the game that fits the clues based on songs. The campaign is updated regularly.

Rewards are divided into two types: point and digital collection, and the points can be used in catalogs with PSN wallet balance, exclusive digital collection and some PlayStation Store products. The PlayStation Plus member, who is registered with the playstation stars for additional benefits, can automatically earn points when purchasing from the PlayStation Store.

Digital collections are digital expressions that can be enjoyed by PlayStation fans such as figures of popular characters in the form of games and other entertainment and devices that illuminate Sony’s history.

There will be a variety of types of new collectors that can be obtained regularly, very rare collectors, and simply collecting collections for fun. The obtained digital collection can be displayed on the display case of the PlayStation app, and can be set for the display case for others to see if you want.

If you join first, all members will receive Star Geyser Telescope. The first digital collection that members can acquire include Gondola Sarong, Pocket Station, and Too and Kurt, who celebrate their birthdays.

Digital collections are made for royalty programs, and some are rare but not unique and do not use blockchain technology. Digital collections cannot be resold or traded, and digital collections can only be obtained through PlayStation Stars. The scarcity of digital collection can be found on the campaign detailed screen and the detailed page of the collection.

The point balance can be used to check the player profile of the PlayStation app and to exchange items in the reward catalog, including digital collection, game, or digital PSN wallet balance.

The PlayStation Plus membership is not required to join the PlayStation Stars, but when the PlayStation Plus members join the PlayStation Stars, they can earn points when purchasing at the PlayStation Store, including each regular service payment for the PlayStation Plus Membership have. However, PSN wallet charging is not subject to PlayStation Stars Points.

The PlayStation Stars has four rating reflecting the reaching milestones, which are determined by the number of special trophy acquired during the gameplay as well as purchasing the product board at the PlayStation Store. The higher the grade, the more benefits and benefits you can get. When you reach a specific grade, you will maintain the remaining period of the year and for 13 months.

For more information, please visit webpage when the PlayStation Stars are released in the area.

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