Where to find honey slines in Slime Rancher 2

This leadership will tell you everything you need to know about the sweetest and one of the rarest lines in the game Slime Rancher 2-Honey Slime. Throughout the leadership, we will talk about where you can find honey mucus, and how to use it for the production of honey leaven.

SLIME Rancher 2 Location of honey mucus

If you are looking for a sweet yellow mucus that will produce flat with a taste of honey at a good price on the market, then you are in the right place, because we will tell you where you can find this special mucus.

Honeys lines are found on Island of Starlight Stand and before you can do this, you need to unlock the teleport on Starlight Strand.

The teleport will be blocked cotton mucus proudly whom you will need to win.

You can proudly win cotton by feeding it with 10 fruits or vegetables, and as soon as it explodes, the teleport will be unlocked, and you can easily reach the star bank.


You can find honeys lines throughout the island, but since they are rare, you will not face them as often as with others limes, so you will have to carefully monitor this.

how to catch honey liquor

Honeys lines can be difficult to catch and hold in your BACKPACK, so you may need to lure them with their favorite food- mint mango . As soon as you catch them, you can return them to your ranch.

This work begins after they were caught, because of their sweet nature they easily become targets for cat mucus and can be eaten, so they should be kept separately.

Honeys lines are quite profitable, since their crop can be sold for 45 newbies. You can double the harvest of fruit and vegetable, feeding them mint mango, but if it is not available, their diet is mainly based on fruits.

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