LOL – Worlds 2022: Lol Managers stockings for the World Cup that do not leave anyone indifferent

As if FIFA or NBA 2K it was, the World Cup socks have been published as if Lol Manager letters, the simulator that makes you a League of Legends coach for a few hours, were treated. In these stockings, as expected, there is a great oriental representation.

Although these valuations represent, in large part to the LPL, we can also find interesting midfield of the LCK , such as those of Faker and Shoemaker. Interestingly, Chevy, considered by many better medium in the world at the moment, has a lower assessment of these two, and that this algorithm measures the state in a current way.


92, the highest average in the game

Speaking of the points, Both G2 and T1 have a fairly high score despite receiving Stomps in their finals . Interestingly, several NA players are also very well valued, which surprises a lot. What it seems, is that this game is a Pay 2 win, and you will have to collect cards, as if this were the 2K, to mount the best possible team.

In the list, We can see the best valued , in which one of the five roles that League of Legends has. As in real life, the Supports remain the greatest undervalued of the game, and only two players manage to have 90 valuation, something that is unfair to this role.

Surprisingly, because seeing the valuations they have given to many players, we can say without fear, who have completely inflated them. The stockings they have given to several Western players have no sense, and without going any further, This can be seen in the Tier list published by several professional players or content creators about the World Cup event. Na will be more than happy with these stockings.

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