CEO of Nvidia declares that card prices will not be reduced

The new generation of NVIDIA graphics cards has been presented a few days ago, with functions that will give new life to the computers of users who are willing to acquire them. However, there is always a problem with these ads, especially in price issues, which with each launch become much more expensive.


The CEO of Nvidia , J ensue Huang has answered some questions to the environment Digital Trends . And in his session when the price issue was addressed he mentioned the following:

The idea that the chip will download price is a story of the past. Moore’s law has died.

It is worth mentioning that this law tells us about the possibility of achieving the same power or higher for a lower price every two years because the number of transistors doubles. And now, at least in Nvidia , the figures will gradually increase.

Here is the comment of him specifically:

A 12-inch wafer is much more expensive today. The idea that the chip will download price is a story of the past.

The $899 GPU yield or the NVIDIA $1599 GPU a year ago, two years ago, at the same price, our performance with Ada Lovelace is monumentally better.

In addition, he emphasizes those who are not willing to pay current prices:

The 3080 was, and it is still, of great value, and will continue to live.

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