Why do governments prohibit Pubg? Answered

Even despite the incredible success of PUBG: Battlegrounds, several countries have decided to ban this game for one reason or another. Recently, another country has joined the list, since Afghanistan announced a new ban on this title. But why? What would this game make such a specific objective? We are going to discuss Why are governments prohibiting PUBG? .

Why are governments prohibiting PUBG

In general terms, many of the reasons have been consistent in all countries: PUBG: Battlegrounds has been prohibited in most countries (including Afghanistan) in large part as a result of their perceived impact on young audiences. . The Taliban government believes that PUBG is too violent for young people, so the game will be prohibited in the next 90 days. Afghanistan will also see a ban on the popular application of social networks TikTok, who also believe it has a negative impact on the youngest generation.

Afghanistan is far from being the first government to ban PUBG since, for similar reasons related to the violence of the game, it has already been prohibited in some way by countries such as Korea, Pakistan, Jordan, Nepal, Israel, Iraq and China, the last of which it is interesting because PUBG has been published by the Chinese company Tencent Games. This was at least part of the reason why the game saw a national prohibition in India in 2020; Already prohibited in several Indian states for the aforementioned reasons, the growing tensions between China and India contributed to its greatest prohibition.

That is all we have Why governments have been prohibiting PUBG . If you want to get more information about the PUBG prohibition, DLPRIVATASERVER has it covered in the 2019 game prohibition now built in Nepal.

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