Atus reveals that there will be no news of person 6 during his musical event

Throughout this year, person in Japan has been quite happy, since Atlas has presented a series of concerts that involve the most famous musical pieces of the franchise. The best thing is that in each one they have given news of the next ones, but with the most recent show, it seems that fans will have nothing new in the saga.

In a new message on the official website, the company made it clear that it has no plans to announce new titles in that live event. It has been emphasized that your focus on the event is to prepare for the best live presentation that will rejoice everyone who attends. This will be sad for all those who expect a surprise from the franchise.

Many wanted to see the official revelation of Person 6 , since their predecessor game was also presented through one of these concerts, but now the tradition has broken. It is well known that the game is already in development, but it seems that Atlas is not in a hurry to be a kind of first glance, either in image or video.

It is worth mentioning that during the next months several games in the saga will be appearing on different platforms, such as the last three deliveries in their definitive formats. This strategy could be the preamble for users to prepare for next year, although it may be very soon for the announcement of person 6 .

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