Measure brain waves with rubber that passes electricity and contribute to e -sports!? NOK booth experience SOOT Brain! [TGS2022]

Did you know that a manufacturer that handles rubber products is exhibiting at the Tokyo Game Show 2022, which has been held since September 15? NOK, which handles industrial rubber and resin products used in automobiles, exhibited brain wave measurement devices using the biological rubber electrode SOOT Brain in Tokyo Game Show 2022. This rubber brain wave measurement device may support e-sports, or may contribute to the entire game industry.

In the first place, rubber does not pass electricity, right? However, SO created a device to measure brain waves by using rubber-containing rubber to electrode using rubber-containing technology. It seems that the use of a conventional hard and cold metal electrode could be stressed, so it was not possible to measure the very fine brain waves correctly.

Developed a cap-type device that can be attached just by wearing it. By measuring, analyzing, and studying brain waves, it is said to be useful for many things, such as improving the ability of professional e-athletes, grasping scientific coaching, and grasping the timing of rest necessary to keep the mind and body healthy. 。

At the booth, you can experience brain wave measurement by playing the Rocket League to play soccer with a radio control car. When I experienced it, the basics were extremely easy to wear just by wearing a hat. All you have to do is start the measurement and play the game. As a result, you can see the type of player and how the brain is used, along with the five parameters of behavior, intuition, attention, judgment, and coolness.

Some examples have been introduced in brain wave research, which helps games to achieve scientifically prove the impact on the brain. While the image sometimes thinks the game is not good!, It is very impressive for the game industry that scientific analysis progresses properly.

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If you are interested in studying Esports and EEG using rubber that supports the entire game industry, please visit your EEG.

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