Is Jan Böhmermann buttoned Montanblack on ZDF Magazin Royale today? This is exactly how you see the show

This is the announcement: The main Instagram account of ZDF Magazine Royale shared a contribution in which Jan Boomerang introduces today’s program-but not as usual in a suit, yet with a sleeveless t-shirt, gold chain and cap.

Consider this message on Instagram

A message shared by ZDF Magazine Royale (@zdf_magazine_royale).

The whole thing is undoubtedly an allusion to Twitch streamers-including microphone, video gaming chair, background songs and lump energy beverage.


Jan Boomerang shared a clip in the design of a Twitch banner on Instagram. As soon as more bargains with the subject in ZDF Magazine Royale tonight, it looks like the moderator.

When does ZDF Magazine Royale run today?

_ Much more on Montanblack can be located in our video on the topic: _.

Boomerang also looked at the subject of on the internet gambling on ZDF Magazine Royale in November 2020 as well as slammed the Twitch banner Knows.

What is it regarding? This is not yet clear. In the comments, individuals currently compare the look with Montana black, ask whether Kylo and also Big Mac are likewise there and expect jokingly encounter tattoos for Boomerang.

It would not be the very first time that Boomerang Twitch or Streamer discussed. In 2020, as an example, Boomerang as well as Ollie Schulz Montanblack talked about firm and also fluffy in their podcast, which supplied excellent discussions.

In the alloy, you see the sign that the program might turn around Montanblack this night. Big Mac was a popular mod from Montanblack, however the paths separated in August.

Jan Boomerang shared a clip in the style of a Twitch streamer on Instagram.

In the video, Boomerang states: Tonight is a great subject. That is why I can only advise everyone to transform it on effectively tonight, right into the straight ghost train.

When does the program run? You can enjoy the program from 8:00 p.m. in the ZDF media library, at 11:00 p.m. it will also run in the ZDF primary program. ** This is not yet clear.

In the video clip summary, the ZDF Magazine Royale additionally talks of Tonight Stream to very kicked back and dust, who does not change on. That seems a lot like Monte.

What is going on in the show is still open. Nonetheless, the hashtag for the program is #huchgeldalle- which is why some individuals already rely on the subjects of casino streams or NFT.

When does the program run? You can view the program from 8:00 p.m. in the ZDF media collection, at 11:00 p.m. it will additionally run in the ZDF major program. Boomerang calls this in the video clip Twitch for all trendy from 60.

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