How to save arms and equipment loads in Splatoon 3

As you play Platoon 3 more, you will realize that you enjoy playing certain weapons for certain modes, and each of those weapons will use a different team to maximize your results. Of course, getting and taking away each outfit can be a discomfort, so it can save a lot of time learning How to save arms and equipment loads in Platoon 3 .

Platoon 3 has a lot of weapons and equipment to choose from, but even with the wide selection, you will have your favorite team to resort to. Fortunately, it is easy to save those favorites and make sure you can prepare quickly for the next game. Here is How to save arms and equipment loads in Platoon 3 :

How to save weapons and equipment loads in Platoon 3

How to save arms and equipment loads in Platoon 3

* Enter the gear menu

Press + in your controller to enter the menu that allows you to change your weapon and equipment.

* Choose an adjustment

Check your options and wear your character with the team you want to save.

* Register in form

Press-to enter the screen register adjustment. Press twice to save the adjustment.

It’s as easy as that. The players can save up to five of their favorite charges and, once they are configured, you can press-to go to their freshest fits and quickly change to that outfit. If you really want to customize your experience with Platoon 3, you can deepen even more and play with other configurations.

For example, the load will save the sensitivity of movement control, the sensitivity of the stick and the configuration of the movement control. This means that if you like to play with movement controls or lever controls for certain weapons, you can keep that load to always use your favorite control settings instead of changing the control settings every time you choose that weapon.


As you enter anarchy, you will discover that different weapons work better for you, so be sure to experience and find the one that works better. That is all you need to know for keep your weapons and equipment loads in Platoon 3 .

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