How to equip accessories in NBA 2K23 MYCAREER

For NBA 2K veteran players, it’s easy to see where energy is going. Every year, more and more resources are invested in My career mode, and why not? After all, this is the mode that gives the player more options than any other. So with that in mind, How are accessories equipped in NBA 2K23 through My career? ? Well, don’t worry, this guide is here to explain exactly that.

equip accessories through My career in NBA 2K23

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Being capable of Equip Accessories in NBA 2K23 throughout My career It is a very simple process, just taking a few steps:

* Press start in my career to access the menu.

Everything you need will be here.

* Go to my player> appearance.

From here, endless options await you.

* Customize your look on and off the court.

From the city and the recreational center to the club, choose and choose your style.

And there you have it, everything necessary to equip accessories in My career in NBA 2K23 . While players begin the game with predetermined options in terms of clothing, head ribbons, skateboards and the like, many more of each can be unlocked, and more, through objectives, missions and special rewards. Of course, there is always the option to opt for virtual currency, but we must warn that clothing and accessories are not usually cheap.

Many times, it’s about that routine. My career mode in NBA 2K is no exception, so be sure to accumulate those secondary missions rewards while looking for applicable locker codes. And if you are looking for more content related to NBA 2K23, which includes, among others, how to lift and roll or pretend a pass, then it is better to keep your eyes here. And do not forget to see even more on the links below. We are here to guide it in every step of the road.

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