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For 2K players, it is not surprising to see that the games focus more on the community experience. Either through the game online or the always popular My team, those who love to concentrate their energy in a simpler season can often feel cheated. But don’t fear! NBA 2K23 has arrived with Eras and that is what this guide is here to break down.

What are eras in nba 2K23?

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For those who enjoy the simulation experience of a season with a minimum of fuss, NBA 2K23 presents Eras can be the same remedy you are looking for. But before getting carried away by an explanation, let’s review how to access them. After all, it is just a few clicks away.

Where to find the ages of the NBA

* Select myna eras in the main menu.

* Select Myna (the first option provided).

* Create a new save and continue.

There are four options: Magic vs. Bird, Jordan, Kobe and Modern.

Once you get to the screen shown above, you can choose between four different times, or three if you want to rule out today as a genuine option. Magic against Bird begins in 1993, Jordan starts in 1991, and you can start your trip in 2002 if you decide to choose Kobe. Each era has its outstanding points, and with a new Jordan Challenge in this year’s game, it is easy to see why NBA 2K would put more emphasis on specific eras this time.

Now, players can finally solve the old debate of ‘What is the best was in the history of the NBA?’ In their own terms. Between Magic, Bird, Jordan and Kobe, not to mention the incredible cast of support that each one may not have a single bad selection between them. So it doesn’t matter how often you want to start a season, the choice is yours.


Well, he does that for us. Explaining eras through Myna in NBA 2K23 . There is much to do and a long time, what are you waiting for? And to get more content related to NBA 2K23, such as applicable locker codes and all available classic equipment, not to mention even more in the links below, be sure to be attentive to.

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