Escape from the movie CUBE style trap room! A formal release of multiplayer survival HALF DEAD 3 -New elements such as adding minibos

Developer ROOM710GAMES has officially released a multiplayer survival Half Dead 3 escape from the trap room.

This is the latest work of the HALF DEAD series that escapes from the movie CUBE-style trap room. The purpose is to wake up in a strange room and survive from a room where various death traps are set up.

After early access of about one year, the following contents have been added/corrected in the official release.

  • More than 100 types of general traps

  • 21 kinds of Fatal Room

  • 40 kinds of biome

  • Added two types of minibus, dragons and spiders (there are four types of minibus in the game).

  • Added 7 types of lock rooms

  • Improvement of chat

  • Modified the sound of the trap

  • Light modification of old traps

  • Fixed a third-person camera bug in watching mode after death

  • Fixed a problem with some joysticks (especially split screen mode)

  • Performance improvement

  • Refine the trap on the glass bridge to make it possible

  • Matchmaking correction

  • Other corrections and improvements

HALF DEAD 3 is distributed for 498 yen on a PC (Steam). Until September 17, it is 10 % off 448 yen.

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