Great sprinting, Umamusume Narita Brian

On the 5th, Kakao Games added a new Umamusume ‘Narita Brian’ to the mobile game ‘Umamus Me Pretty Derby’ developed by Saigames.

Narita Brian is a nurturing Umamusmero, which has a brave stream, and is also a horror target in Tresen Academy. She is also a younger sister in ‘Rain and Haya Hide’ and is a vice chairman at the student council.

Through this update, we added four support cards with new Umamusmes. ‘SSR [cherry blossoms in full swing] Sakura Chiyono O’, ‘SR [Pearls of the World, Name] Siking The Pearl’, ‘R [Tressen Academy] The Pearl ‘has been updated.

Kakao Games will hold the 3rd Legend Race until the 14th. You can earn a variety of rewards by challenging the race against the Legend Umamus Me on the left side of the 2400m (medium) grass in Japan.

Subsequently, the Champions Meeting ‘Taurus Bae’ will be held to confront other users with the goal of winning from 8th to 14th. Champions Meeting can only participate in the team ranking to reach E2 or more, and you can register three Umamusmes. The Champions Meeting will be held in ‘Tokyo Turf 2400m (medium) left │ Spring │ Spring │ Good’.

In addition, by the 12th, you can select one of the Grade League and the Open League. In addition, the rounds 1 and 2 will be followed from the 8th to the 14th.


For more information, please visit the official Umamusume community.

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