Mystery ADV Marine Express murder case is set on the seabed train Murder of Marine Express Japanese compatible Apde distribution -Release of console version

1564 STUDIO has distributed an update for the mystery visual novel Marine Express murder case for the Steam version for Japanese. In addition, PS5/PS4/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch version has been released.

This is the first visual novel game of the Ranko Higashikawa Mystery series. This is a story where Ranko Higashikawa and her friend Astrid look for the murder of a murder in the seabed train marine Express, which connects California to Japan, and finds the secret hidden in the train.

Features of this work

  • A mystery visual novel for the royal road that follows the style of a popular detective novel and develops on a closed room space.

  • Consists of 5 chapters, and read text is 3-4 hours.

  • Adopts a retro graphics of dot paintings reminiscent of a nostalgic text adventure game.

  • Many charismatic characters that you can enjoy humorous conversations appear.

  • The point of solving the case is to deepen understanding of the train status and the students of St. Joachim Academy from Ranko’s mobile phone.

Marine Express Murder Case is on sale on PC (Steam) and PS5/PS4/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch.

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