The Last of United States Part 1 remake pass away Sammelorte von Tommys Dam

In this phase you will primarily browse for artifacts, although there are also a few hidden fans and also additions that can easily be ignored. In order to conserve you the difficulty to find them, this guide handles all your places in the order in which you appear.

Keep reading for all the Last people Part 1 Remake The College of Tommy’s Dam consisting of enhancements.

Tommy’s Dam is one of the shorter chapters in the back half of The Last of Us Part 1 and there are not lots of collectibles. Yet there are some that are hard to find, and this guide will certainly cover all The Last of United States Part 1 Remake The College of Tommy’s Dam .

The Last people Part 1 Remake The University of Tommy’s Dam

Tommy’s Dam in the Last people Part 1 Remake has 13 collectibles that you can find . This consists of four optional conversations, 2 artefacts, two Firefly advocates, two comics, a training guidebook, a workbench and a ShIV door. The enthusiast’s pieces for all of you remain in the adhering to places:

Comic collecting place of Foreign Element

When you go down the slope, you will ultimately see that the path opens on your. This is before you duck under the branch. Increase capital to your right to find a cars and truck. Resting on the cars and truck, the comic gets on the flooring.


Messer door 1 Collectable area and additions 1 collectible place

Go on until you get to the dam. Before you bring Ellie to the opposite, unlock alongside the stairs that you came up. Inside you will find some enhancements.

Optional discussion 1 Collectable place

After going across the dam, drop to the left as well as jump over the branch. Right here you can see a grave. Communicate it to have the very first optional discussion.

Matches 2 collection places

Rise where eviction to the primary dam is. Before communicating with the door, look behind the excavator to find an extra plant in the ground.

Artifact collection area of the nuclear power plant card

There is a small outbuilding opposite this center. Inside, on the wall, you will find the paper.

Optional collection for conversation 2

After going into the main system, Ellie will connect with some equines. Speak to her and also then stroke the steed’s back to obtain this collector’s piece.

Complemented 3 collection areas

After you have actually divided from Ellie and went with Tommy, increase. In the workplace over the beds and where Tommy is, you will certainly find some side meals on the left in a chair.

Optional collection for conversation 3

This becomes part of the tale, so it can not be overlooked. Talk to Tommy with the beds as well as lockers to obtain this enthusiast’s piece.

Optional collection for conversation 4

Remain on the high degree as well as talk to the woman who looks at the dam if you go outside to the top of the dam. She has a rifle and goes back and forth. It will take a while for the phone call to talk, yet as quickly as she talks with her to obtain this collection agency’s item.

Enhances 4 collection areas

After going into the major area, you will certainly find a bottle of nutritional supplements on the table while both people talk.

Training handbook 1 Collectable area

Bend to the left from the nutritional supplement bottle as well as you will find a training handbook on the dropped storage locker in the linked space.

Workbench 1 Collectable place

Right beside the guidebook is the only workbench in this level.

Collection of Oliverios Firefly advocate

Head out of the space with the workbench and drop both stairways. Enter the area underneath where you were as well as look in between both makers on the delegated find the Firefly supporter.

Plant Schematics collection

As quickly as the fights start throughout the dam, return to the area where you got the guidebook and bottle with the enhancements. On the table where the two workers have actually talked, you can now pick up the card.

Complemented 5 collection areas

Remain on the lowest degree of your house, however go to the room in the right wing edge. The trailer is on the desk, following to both doors.

b. Pinos Firefly supporter to collect

A lot later on you can get to the ranchhaus to find Ellie. Turn left to find a door if you enter the front door. Open them and get in the washroom to find a container of nutritional supplements next to the sink.

zero point comic collection

Rise and also in the bedroom to your delegated find the comic at the window.

And there you have all Tommy’s DAM collections from The Last people Part 1 remake.
Now they have passed the last act of the video game.
Make certain to look at our other guidelines as well as pointers in our exemplary approach for the video game.

Tommy’s Dam in the Last of Us Part 1 Remake has 13 collectibles that you can find . Go up the hillside to your right to find a vehicle. Go on up until you reach the dam. After crossing the dam, go down to the left and jump over the branch. If you go outside to the top of the dam, remain on the high level and also talk to the lady who looks at the dam.

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