You can make your own NES compatible machine! Appearance of DIY kit Famitsu HDMI that also supports HDMI output

The Columbus Circle has released a DIY kit, a DIY kit that allows you to make your own family computer compatible machine in mid-September.

This product is a set of equipment such as a NES compatible machine board and cable, and can be attached to a table or wall, or incorporated it into various miscellaneous goods.

It supports both HDMI/AV outputs, and can play NES games with clear and colorful visual beauty when output HDMI. You can create your own compatible machine, such as an interesting compatibility machine, a compatible machine specializing in space saving, and a compatible machine that expresses a discerning appearance.

  • Compatible models: for family computers

  • Suitable retail price: Open (7,678 yen on Amazon)

  • Contents: NES compatible machine board, controller x 2, HDMI terminal cable, AV terminal cable, AC adapter, plus screw (20 pieces)

  • Because of the DIY kit, the board is exposed. Please do not touch the terminals and the substrate circuit during power because there is a risk of electric shock. When a small child is used, the parents should check and watch the safety of the child.

  • It does not guarantee the complete operation of all FC software. Depending on the game, it may not work.

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