Genshin Impact Rhythm, which feeds the sprout World Quest Vasara Tree Dream Domain Guide

The rhythm leading to the gloomy path is the local task to the poute, which is part of Aranaka: Part II is the children’s dreams World quest line. After getting rid of drainage in the underground tunnel in the monument, you will be asked to explore the trees inside the Ashvattha hall. Then Aram will invite you to go into the dream of Vasara‚Äôs tree to find the fruit of Vasoma.

How to fulfill the domain of the Dream of the Vasara tree in the local mission Rhythm that feeds the sprout to the pile in Genshin Impact

Before the start, prepare a combat-ready team at least one onion user . Then interact with the luminous spot at the base of the tree to cause a dialogue with Arama, who will ask you whether you are ready to enter the Vasara tree. Reply with (stretch your hand to the Vasar tree…) for entering the domain.

Once inside, defeat all mushrooms To disperse a barrier blocking multi-colored mushroom. As soon as this is done, interact with the mushroom to open the path leading further to the domain. Follow the way forward to find the Dendrograna puzzle. Call the dendrogran and shoot in a floating shell with a charged shot to create another one, then shoot in the second to create three more.

However, this time you need to play the rhythm of the sprout ( do> So> La> Tee in the third row) in front of the empty sprout so that it produces a healthy dendrine. Then call a healthy dendrogran and hit a floating shell in center to dispel the barrier under it, opening the platform with a vortex pattern.


Step on the platform , which acts like an elevator that will deliver you to the center of a giant flower upstairs. Once inside, enemies will appear. Defeat enemies to complete the domain. After the release, interact with a green glow next to Arama to pick up the fruit of Vasoma and complete the world task.

After the completion of all three world quests Rhythm you will receive the achievement of Wonders of the World called Rule of three .

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